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Dog Bark Collar – The Alternative to Training

Hannah Scott asked:

Owning a dog can be great; they provide you with a lot of unconditional love and are always happy to see you when you get home. However, that can soon become stressful when your precious dog is barking and causing your neighbors problems. Barking is an everyday normal activity; however, there is a fine line between excessive barking and normal barking. A dog bark collar is a great way to help train your dog to stop his excessive baking.

A static dog bark collar is one of the two main dog bark collars out there on the market. A static collar does not have electricity in it so it will never hurt your dog or send them whimpering off into the corner. There is a little box attached to the collar that emits a vibration when your dog barks. This is activated by your dogs back and the vibration of his voice box, so there is no chance of another dog setting off your dogs barking collar.

Citronella dog bark collar is the other main type of collar. This is usually for dogs whose owners really do not like the idea of a static collar. A citronella collar sprays the dog near his or her face a burst of citronella. Dogs naturally **** citronella, so they will soon learn that when they bark, this horrible smell appears.

Boredom, excitement and anxiety are just some of the hundreds of reasons your dog will bark. You can easily train your dog to stop barking, that will require your time and a lot of patients. It is especially hard when your dog is only barking when you are not home. You can not really correct your dogs barking if you are not home to witness it. That’s where a dog bark collar comes in handy. It will quickly train your dog to stop barking even when you are not there to stop him or her.

Are you tired of your neighbors complaining about your dog? Chances are they are tried of complaining. Getting on with your neighbors is a must, especially if you have a barking dog that just will not stop. Many dogs are taken away from their families each and every day, all because of their barking. You can avoid this by investing in a dog barking collar that will train your dog fast to stop barking.


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