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Dog Bark Collar – The Truth You Want

Jane Hannah asked:

Excessive barking can really drive your neighbors mad. Especially if your dog is barking during the day when you are not at home. Every dog barks, its part of what makes up a dog, however, there is a fine line between normal barking and excessive barking. If you are finding that your dog is barking excessively and you really do not have the time to train him or her, a dog bark collar can really be of value to you.

Dog bark collars are not as inhuman as you would imagine. There are two main types of dog bark collars on the market. A static dog bark collar is the main collar that is used for many dogs around the world. This has a small box attached to a collar, when your dog barks; it picks up the noise and the vibration from your dog only, and corrects his behaviour with a vibration that will give him a fright. A static collar contains no electricity, so it will not hurt your dog at all.

Citronella dog bark collar is the other main type of collar. This is usually for dogs whose owners really do not like the idea of a static collar. A citronella collar sprays the dog near his or her face a burst of citronella. Dogs naturally **** citronella, so they will soon learn that when they bark, this horrible smell appears.

Are you trying to train your dog to stop barking and finding that all you do is scream and yell at him or her?? This is very common, dogs are so easily trained, but its hard to sometimes break them out of their routines they have created themselves. A dog bark collar is great for training your dog quickly to stop barking. The best thing is you can train your dog to stop barking even when you are not home.

Neighbors, we all have them, some are nice, and some are not. If you are lucky to have nice neighbors then talking to them when you are having problems with your barking dog is relatively easy. Its when you have problems with your neighbors that can arise when you have a barking dog. Many dogs each year are hurt or taken away from their families because of their excessive barking. Keeping your neighbors onside at all times is a must when you have a barking dog.


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