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Dog breeds from 10 points to the person who helps the most?

Question 🙂 ? Dog breeds 10 points to help the person who most Yes, another question. Before I give you all the facts. want you all agree! We have a large yard. The dog will be sleeping on the porch at night, but is allowed inside! And cold nights as well! We go to the beach every weekend. The dog will come with us and stay with us in our apartment (not a hotel room) My mother is excpected in a week, and we have another little girl under 5. We would get the dog around Christmas. (I’m not “training” children as you say put it. I will help you with them, but I’m training my chien.Quelles breeds are good for my situation? Btw. Dogs are supposed to be outside. They are animals! You should not buy the little doggy bagels when you go out to eat. Pets? I’m not buying from a shelter. And get a puppy. My father is fine with me a puppy, and as it meets all our needs (which is impossible because God forbid Apperently dogs live outside!) I want ideas dog breed! MerciDeuxième all. I’m not too “stupid” to have a dog. just because I re-ask for more answers? And if you add 10 points at the top, people start really dang answer! Now. What I have said, This is our family, and where plans for the dog to sleep (I hope it goes well with you) I want the names of races. Thank you! I am training the dog! I keep asking questions because you suppose that I am doing nothing, I am training the dog. I have a good job and I pay for all his needs. And yes I’ll probably burn in hell for making it stay outside! Best answer: Answer by

1) Retriever2 Labrador) Nova Scotia duck tolling Retreiver3) Earth Neuve4) Barzoï5) Australian Cattle Dog6) Australian Shepherd

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  • wow, stop asking the same questions! you dont sound like you should get something other than a dog webkinz.

  • labs and golden retrievers is a big dog outside and especially labs really love the water so that the beach would be ideal for a lab! pitbulls are great also. really a larger breed would make a great dog outside. I have a boxer, he stays inside a lot cause if I live in Texas and in the face smooshed it makes it difficult for them in the heat if you are in a colder climate, where it does not reach 100 degrees boxers are great too and the cute puppies!

  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, perhaps German Shepherd (Fine dogs) or Labrador Retriever.

  • it should be what you can do to the dog he used to see an opinion if you buy … you should not ask a question like that, it seemed you have a go at that ever was read to answer your question

  • Curly Coated Retriever. The Retriever is a hardy dog ​​who loves water. Its thick coat gives protection against the worst weather and is a watchdog and faithful dévoué.Rottweiler. This powerful dog can live indoors or outdoors. Originally bred as a herding dog, the Rottweiler is now better known as a watchdog redoutable.Samoyède. This large dog blancavec a smiling face is popular because of its softness. Rugged and covered with a thick coat, this dog can live outdoors as long as there are lots of contact with his Siberian famille.Husky. The husky has historically lived outdoors in the worst land.

  • Labrador2 retriever3 a golden German Shepherd

  • Do not put a dog if you will keep out most of the time. What is wrong with you? Dogs want to be inside with their family / pack.Mes dogs to play outside and potty under my supervision. I never leave them outside. Anything can arriver.Mais I guess you will be directed thick and banish the dog to be a formidable dog outside. Poor dog.

  • Any dog ​​chasse.1. Labrador Retriever, Retriever Golder, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, German Shorthair Pointer.2. Border Collie, German Shepard.Les chiens.3 small. Jack Russell Terriers, Border Terriers.

  • It is sad that you want to get a dog, then make him sleep dehors.Les dogs are supposed to be outside? What is it?? Our dogs are our children 4 and before you jump to conclusions NONE of them are under 70 pounds. We have two Great Danes, a wolf hybrid and a chien.Ils are sitting on the couch and watch TV with us, they sleep in bed with us (Danes Grande do), they do everything with us because they are our famille.Je not understand why you want a dog and not treat them as family. Why belong to a dog outside? I’m sorry for everything dog, you will eventually obtenir.Vous have not really given enough information for anyone to really recommend a good race for vous.Êtes you active? Do you run, hike, jog every day and you want your dog to do the same? Are you inactive? Do you mostly sit around and do not exercise much? These are questions you need to look at before considering any race. If you get an active dog, but you’d rather relax you will get a very unhappy dog ​​and destructeur.Matière for thought …

  • Dogs are not intended to be kept outside! You have it so bad! They are animals and they belong inside the house with the rest of the family (their pack). You do not just do you do?

  • Boston terrierIls available in three sizes small (under 15 lbs), Medium (15-20 lbs) and large (20 and under 25 pounds) They do not bark beaucoupIls have a very short coat that has hardly paid and does not require toilettage.Ils are extremely playful but link with you and be calm when you want them soientAmour to cuddle and take naps with vousFacile to training very intelligentIls love people and are very sociablesIls can be left alone and will be so happy when you get home vousIls are great with the enfantsMais they do hot and cold very easily with short hair, so they must enter for at least a few hours a day and if you insist that they must sleep outside, (when they find a bed, blanket, and sweater for when it’s cold

  • Collies are very intelligent, gentle, easy to train, gentle disposition, great with kids and are very dedicated. They also enjoy your large yard. Sorry but I have not seen your first post and I’m not sure what you are interested in getting, but you can choose from small, medium or large in size with collies running on 70 -90 kilos, border collies are 35-50 pounds or miniature collies and Shelties are about 20-25 pounds. Good luck!

  • Blue Blood Bulldog White Shepherd 1.Alapaha 2.American 3.Bernese Mountain Dog 4.Boxer

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