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Dog climbs high fence to freedom

When people go to work they have to leave their dogs at home for a long time. This means that they are in a remote and safe area until they recover. This dog will not have it and climbs the high fence to freedom! For more hilarious pet videos check out http Follow Petsami on Twitter Become a fan of Petsami on Facebook Check out these great deals on Frontline Products Petsami: For Your Dogs: for your cat:

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  • REDNECK! ….. I’m not a redneck! …….

  • More like Jackie Chan. Doggy Chuck would bark and the fence would fall.

  • thumbs up if Tobuscus sent you.

  • holey moley! my god, Mission PAWssible!

  • Michael Scofield dog!

  • wow!

  • Jeez, the mind-set of a number of pet owners. Just your precious pet in a crate so that the pet is safe and secure. Crates are much better than this ridiculous barricade, where the pet could seriously injure themselves.

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