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Dog Joint Pain Relief – 5 Natural Methods

Karen Kaec asked:

In this article, I cover natural joint pain relief methods for dogs with arthritis. I don’t suggest anything that can cause side effects.

Pain relievers such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen should NOT be giving to pets. I cringe every time I hear about or read cases where pets were given these medications and, consequently, got severely sick or died.

Aspirin may be used as a last resort, but with extreme caution. Fortunately, there are several safe methods to relieve pain in dogs with arthritis. 5 joint pain relief methods are:

Homeopathic pain reliever for pets – made from blends of medicinal herbs. There are no side effects and some homeopathic pain relievers also reduce swelling in the joints.

Acupuncture – has been used to relieve pain in people for hundreds of years. Many pet owners never consider this method because it’s presumed strictly for people. Well, not true. In recent years, acupuncture has taken a leap to treat ailments and relieve pain in pets.

Low impact exercises such as swimming – puts less pressure on the joint at the same time strengthening them. Running and jumping is great for dogs, but it puts stress on the joints. For dogs with joint pain, I suggest building up to these activities at your dog’s pace.

Heat technique – this is a method I use to promote blood circulation for faster healing.

Massage therapy – best used along with heat to flush out deposits, reduce swelling and promote healing. These are just a few methods of relieving dog joint pain without using any drugs.

The heat technique and massage therapy are part of a 3 step method I use for my dogs. It works and I do it while I’m sitting down, watching a movie. Learn the 3 simple steps to relieve dog joint pain. Get insider tips on how treat arthritis in dogs and prevent it from striking again!


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