Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog shock collar electric fence + = COMEDY


haha ​​i run through an electric fence with a shock collar Dog shock collar electric fence + = COMEDY. Video Rating: 3/5

Brooks wears an electric collar through the invisible fence for, then calls his mother to tell her that he made some money.

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  • I did this once, but I was stuck to it and forgot that I hold the middle part and so I hit the invisible part and I got shocked so bad I by the collar and broke a window.

  • monty python!

  • Some people should not comment lol … not making fun of you

  • when a shock occurs it shock you until you’re away from the fence or he continuasly shock??

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  • lol .. can you imagine the mental trauma of dog gets such collars: dove .. what good is a dog, if it feels like runing away from you? If you have such a device, your dog is stupid and does not suit you


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