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Dog trainers, HELP! I already lost my puppy?

Question : Dog trainers, HELP! I already lost my puppy? I already asked about the dog here, but I’m worrying myself, so I thought I would ask a nouveau.Voici bases: Goldendoodle puppy, almost 13 semaines.Nous the ‘have had two weeks ago, where he was with his mother and the same portée.Nous have not had a case of the first night, so he slept in his lit.Il slept in the bed (or sometimes on the ground) every night depuis.Son burglary is going very well, although we have not done much “crate training.” (Peeing in the house four times, no poop at all) When we put him in his cage (to try to get him used to it, or when my husband and I both need to be gone), he barks and constantly drooling presque.CEPENDANT, we never let him out when he makes noise. Only when it is calme.Nous have left him on the furniture of his own accord (it’s big enough to jump, being a great puppy and all) So here are my concerns: I came to the conclusion that s ‘is probably a normal puppy, and his crying and barking in his crate is something that he will recover. It’s just bigger and stronger than any dog ​​I’ve ever had, so I let him make the most of moi.Alors now, after two weeks, is it too late to put in his cage to sleep? Should I keep trying to ‘acclimatise’ to him by going somewhere for an hour every day? (I have only two days away now.) Do I create separation anxiety in him by failing to fund more? Is it possible at this stage in the game to uninvite him on the couch, etc.? I want him to stay out until he was older, and we can teach him to “ask permission” pending an invitation. If I can do, any advice on how to do off the couch without believing that it is a challenge and get all cheeky with me? I think that’s it for today. I have not had a puppy in my house since I was twelve years old, and despite reading a lot about it, I feel like I have failed. Please do not berate me if I did things wrong, but help if you can! Best answer: Answer

by Lara B
my three dogs have their own room with a huge bed that they share .. they are family members, so why not give them some luxury

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  • let sleeping dogs love to sleep in ur bed i nthe bed and there is no problem with him / her, it will not be ur bestfriend

  • it is a puppy, it’s the same thing as putting a baby to sleep in their bed and they cry and scream to be picked up, I f you want in the process of doing case, it’s your choice and you do not waste your puppy. It will take some time for the puppy gets used to sleeping in the crate. Patience, love, be consistent, and being firm is what is necessary when raising a puppy

  • As a trainer it is one way that I give the owners of dogs that I consider are in danger of spoiling a good chienJe leave you to sort out what applies to you … good chancePour love a chienPersonne hate dogs as much as I love mine. They are my comfort, my companions and friends. They were my consolation when my wife died. The main difference between me and others is that I never forget that they are dogs! Dogs are allowed in my house because I want them are there not because they ask! However, once I enabled them I put the effort and treat them well. Dogs require leadership so they know where their place in the family resides. The hierarchy must be men, women, children and, if you have one, the cat, the dog. They get the disease, but only on my terms and not when they ask. They are creatures of habit and taking them out for the year should be as routine as cleaning your teeth, wash your hands and comb his hair. People tell me “I took my dog ​​for a long walk today,” as if it is a annual outing for the dog. My dogs go out every day and if I can not taken by ill health or any other, then a trusted friend he does for me. Dogs require a good quality food and fresh water COMPLETE, that’s all. Nothing Else! No human food, the extras, sweets. But … if you feel the need to give treats (for training), they should get out of his diet! I recommend reasonable price CHICKEN AND RICE Ranger Davis (only) because it is Gluten free and, more importantly, it is tartrazine free. (Tartrazine dye that is over-the-top children are abducted to calm them!) CHICKEN AND RICE I said just because it is relatively low in protein. Excess protein that is not burned through exercise, will manifest itself as a vicious dog, a destructive dog, a noisy dog, etc. I could use the analogy of Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxer. Before a fight, they took him away from his wives fed steaks and red, making it ready to enter the ring and kill! I’ve had people tell me: “I do not have time to do all this!” If you have a dog, then you take the time or perhaps rethink the relevance of your circumstances! If you insist on dressing in something fancy clothes, then buy yourself a Dolly! God gave the dog a fur coat and a temperature of 101.5 so it does not need pampering in clothing and cause serious problems peau.Si you believe all the above seems harsh, let me summarize …………. If there is such a thing as the afterlife, I want to return as one of my dogs that I know how happy they are ! Good chance.http :/ /

  • You must be affirmed with the puppy, you are the pack leader. Set up the bedding in the crate, leave it open for naps and others. The box shall be his place safely. Put one of your husbands old shirts and dirty in the crate with the litter. Just find one you refer to the old bag of rags, and wear it for a day or night to get the right scent of you on this.

  • Being as he is so young, it is not yet set in his ways. Contrary to the adage …. old dogs can learn new tricks. If you want him to sleep in his kennel while this is where you put every night from now. Yes, he will probably bark and act a fool, but it gets used. EVERYONE in the house must be compatible with the training. As for “permission” to get on the couch …. I’m not sure about this. I mean normally people either leave their dogs on the couch or they do not. So I think by what you say you will just confuse the dog sometimes leave it on the sofa and other times telling him to descend.

  • I do not think you have failed! we all make mistakes, I did with my first dog, but you learn by them. why do not you try to find a good puppy socialization / training class that will be able to help and advise you. ask your vet if they know of one.

  • You do not let ruiné.Le bark is constantly the right thing to do. This is stressing him and teach him to bark incessantly in the box even if you do let him out when he is calm. I do not know who came up with this idea, but the more I think the more I know it’s mal.Apprenez to ask him to come on the couch now. Raise your hand before his face and say “stop”, tell him good boy and then tell him to come to his récompense.Je do not understand the reason for kicking him on the bed. If it’s just for acclimatization box, I would not bother. Put the cash in the same room with you and ask to go there. Tell him to shut up if you have the cash proteste.Si in another room the protests are more likely to be left alone at checkout.

  • You have not ruined anything atall. Put it this way, you must return to the train one day and how you want it to be formed (do not wait any longer and if you need to be consistent). Crate training. If you have a word to be quiet, then a large (you will need to use it!). draw them into a box with toys or play any time of day and leave the door open, let use it as a den, it can go in when he thinks .. Plonking in him will not work – it will become stronger. 15 weeks with my poodle, I’m very very tired at night and when she slept softly, slowly put it in the box with low lights and made it very clear that this was a sweet scene – not a right to “let go bed and you just have to put up with it.” Whining when he first put him in and the door is closed (but it will be used to being able to play in this area during the day, having in her kongs, etc..) Create a sentence ( for example mine is a very firm “QUIET! Go to sleep” with a clap and repeat what nessesary. My poodle was quiet after 3 or 4 whines and from three nights went into the fund on its possess when I created that “softer” the scene just before bedtime. However, if it really does play up to you not to do you “sentence” when he creates noise each time.

  • Read what you wrote above, but replace the puppy for human newborn child I fill bad if u never have children. Do u think u just put the child in a manger and all is well. Take your body to the landfill. Give your puppy as a child, and perhaps better for some people it is an abuse of animals, to know what matters no excuses. What would you do if there was no such thing as a box (or any small enclosed box)? Time and effort that’s what it takes.

  • It’s hard to ruin a puppy of that age (lol), crate training, you’re right, he will receive more used to it, but if you are, or care, he will think of the crate as a bad thing and does not stop rebelling against it, to make it a game, throw sweets, toys in there and let it go for them without closing the door. Another good thing is too tired with the game before you put it in there for the night and keep the cash in the room coucher.Sauter on the furniture as soon as you know it will jump you holding hands in front and say stop, you must do each time, it is very persistent, pushing it off and say NO fermement.Tout what you do now is to start the train and a dog is never too young to learn.

  • Calm down, calm down! Your puppy is fine! It’s NEVER too late to teach a dog the behavior you want. If you want him to sleep in the crate, put him in the crate. Do not go down when he cries because he certainly will. But, you will need to let him out at least once during the night, because he is so young. You want to know the best thing about your dog? It has two of the most beautiful breeds developed in it! You can either take advantage of it, or your dog will use it against you. He is smarter than you think, and he enjoys your générosité.Avant beginning any training at all to correct old habits, you have to sit and write what you want your puppy. What it can and can not do, where it is permitted and where it is not where he will sleep all the time. It’s not fair to him if you put in the cage overnight, then in the next bed. Dogs need consistent leadership. So make sure you know exactly what you want from your puppy. If you do not, you will not either! I want to read on crate training, or to talk to some local trainers. It is too long to explain a process here, but there are many great books. I would recommend “The perfect puppy”, or a few pounds of Cesar Milan. I use his methods when training my dogs. However, crate training is good for puppies as it helps to break, and keeping them confined when ever you can not watch them. Remember, I said ‘can not’ no, I’m too lazy and do not want pas.Par crating is not your puppy, it’s not giving hims separation anxiety, but it helps with her . If he knows that when you leave, it is in a safe place that is fun (put a toy in there that he only gets when he’s in the box), and secure, it will be less responsive when you leave. Also, take it for a walk so he’s tired when you put in there, and will probably fall endormi.Vous can make him get off the couch any time. And, your dog is right, it’s a challenge. See, you did not really set up that is still leader of the pack, which is essential to a trained dog. So being on the couch is very important to him, because it is higher than you, and in a place where you want to be. Of course, he will challenge you. Most dogs do not want to be pack leader, but he will if they need to. He is testing you to see if you have what it takes to be a pack leader. You must win the battle couch! If your mouth, give a correction (but not hit, please!) Then you make him get off the couch, pulling his collar, pointing to the ground while saying that to get your order . To do this, whenever he is on the couch when you have not asked to be there. It is an essential element in the eyes of your puppy as you win, because that will make him see you more as a leader.Vous have not failed. Just keep going to training, do not give up, and if you need, do not be afraid to ask for help from a trainer. My first dog was much worse than 13 weeks as yours is, and he died a well balanced pack member. You can do it, but you must believe that you même.ADD: and for the person who said funds are in humanity, my dogs love their crates! They have the opportunity to go in and out, and they choose to be inside. There is a bed in the back with toys. They feel safe there. It’s just like a den for them. So if you think a crate is animal abuse, then you must be a complete, ignorant, hypocritical, idiotic.

  • Well, first of all, simply because it is big enough to climb on furniture, gives him no right to go higher. I have a Doberman, and it is big enough to jump on our bed, and he did not because he was taught that his sleep and rest is on the ground, and we sleep and rest on meubles.Non, it is not too late to crate train him. Every day, do it for 10 minutes. When he calms down and fixed, let it out. Then increase the time of 20 minutes. Every so often, place a treat, but do not talk to him or make eye contact! All you want to do is encourage her quiet, patient behavior. It will take time for him to get used to, but with much patience and practice daily over time increases, it will become used to sleeping in his cage. Try to feed him in his cage, and throwing toys inside to encourage him that it is a place sûr.Vous have not failed. As you said, this is your first puppy! You do well! you can not have a low mentality if you want to train him. It is only a puppy, and needs constant advice and praise if you wish for him to do something good.

  • At thirteen weeks old, it is too early to call it a failure propriétaire.1. Start crate training again at the weekend. Start by feeding the puppy in his crate with the door open, and throughout the workday spirit with short training sessions and teach basic obedience, and play games. Thurs Pup hard and sleep hard, so when he is tired to pick it up without any difficulty and put it in his cage.2. Do not leave it on the furniture. It is in rapid growth phase of its development and impact of skeletal jumping up and down is not good for his joints. Put a collar and long lead on the puppy and if he tries to get up, pick up the head and physically away. If you catch him on the couch for the correct choke, then physically remove it. I’d give a quick glance on the plomb.3. Be consistent in not allowing him to your bed if you want the puppy to sleep in the bed. As an adult, you can leave it up when it is clear that it is a treat that you can not, it may require a whiny behavior.

  • It is never too late! I have a mixture of laboratory 9Mb. I got it for 8 semaines.Les first 2 months she was here, I got it in an empty room by herself. (She had ticks, fleas and worms) After the veterinary said it was clear I had to break his puppy pads and put it beside him sur.Je have passed this room, in a closed area of ​​the hall way, now she roams the house when I’m home. Recently I taughter it the command “kitchen”. This is where it goes when I leave the house. I have two doors that I can keep it close to there so I left. She has no use for it, but I pushed with treats and praise when she went in. Then I started to put his toys in there only when I left. Maybe you can do this with the caisse.Je’ll get a box this week and make him sleep there since we will be staying at my in-laws soon to a nursery mois.En regards the sofa, she is not allowed to come all. But it can put its front paws as long as field trips back. (I knew she would get big and I did not want him to take up my bed in full) and she is only allowed to do so when I say that. It looks like shes hugging me when she does. This could be an alternative to letting all the way sur.Maintenant, the bed, I’ve never left because I did on the size of a queen-my cat is already on the bed, then there me and my husband. Add a dog and we’re like family in Charlie and the Chocolate lol. but is allowed on the floor beside the bed bed.I have a mini-dog she used as a puppy, she is too big for it now, but it is still her favorite, I find her curled up tight in all matins.Vous just have to be firm about where you want it from now. No exceptions. He will recover. A sign that he knows you are the pack leader, he will follow you everywhere. I’m really annoyed until I found what it ment. Then I used the term “stay” command. Problem solved. If I only walk to catch something, I’ll tell him to stay and take a trip in a few moments later and say good travail.J hope it gave you an overview!

  • Unfortunately, you had a bad start with a puppy with his litter left too long. He probably has never been left alone and it is now past the age when the puppies better to accept new things. Keep puppies with their litter at 12 weeks is an evil, ignorant practices that best prepare them to live with a pack of dogs in a chenil.Vous can try what I do for new puppies. It works very well with young people from 7 weeks. I never had much luck with the old clock or radio towers. What I do ISI have never had much luck with the old clock or radio towers. What I do is fixed by the body as if I would sleep there. Usually a puppy may fuss a little, but then settle down and go to sleep. Once he is asleep, you can get up and go to bed. set by the fund as if I would sleep there. Usually a puppy may fuss a little, but then settle down and go to sleep. Once he is asleep, you can get up and go to lit.La period between 6-12 weeks is a dangerous time. A breath where a sick dog relieved itself in the last 6 months can bring on parvo or another life threatening disease. Failure to expose it to strangers, including men, women, children, noise, etc. and you could end up with a misfit you can not go out in public. They also need a continuous contact with other dogs, but must be limited to those you know are of good care. The dangers of the disease conmtinue after 12 weeks, but the best time for socialization httThe between 6-12 weeks is a dangerous time. A breath where a sick dog relieved itself in the last 6 months can bring on parvo or another life threatening disease. Failure to expose it to strangers, including men, women, children, noise, etc. and you could end up with a misfit you can not go out in public. They also need a continuous contact with other dogs, but must be limited to those you know are of good care. The dangers of the disease conmtinue after 12 weeks, but the best time for socialization

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