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Dog Training???

question PurpleLavender :?? Dog Training I need help training my dog. It is schnoodle and 3 going on 4 years. It has not been “potty trained” and I want to learn some trucs.Elle is already in a crate whenever we are not at home. I would also like something I could do by myself the maison.Je also want to train her not to run away from me outside … if possible. MerciJe’ll say it again ….. IT IS ALREADY IN CASH AND CRATE TRAINING DO … NOT WORK! Best answer:

Answer by Rachael
It is never too late to crate train. She is not joking when she is sleeping .

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  • if you can not potty train her, then do not bother with tricks. Potty trained is the best thing out there.

  • I loved taking the class dog training. You must sign up for a beginners class in a local pet store. I went to PetSmart. They use the clicker and positive reinforcement. So worth the $ $

  • Omg Schnoodles are impressive DDha but it is 3/4 years, it could be a little more difficult to train. you must enroll in some classes at PetSmart. they are really good at it.

  • get candy and get something that smells and spey some were and / pea ago

  • Take a book: Owners Dogs Good Way GrandsPour especially potty training Patricia McConnell Go! For small dogs: Small Dogs How to train my dog ​​Pint entreprisesJ’ai all three and even more by Patricia McConnell they help a lot.

  • Crate training is the most effective way to potty train a chien.Chiens not use their bed a bathroom. More effective if you start when they are very few (8 weeks). To teach him tricks, “clicker training” google. Give the dog a command, hold a treat for the dog knows you. When the dog understands what you want – click – provide treatment. Repeat.

  • Call Cesar Milan. It is awesome!

  • Here is what I do with my pot chiensformation he can anger you are “accidents”, but you really need to take the fact to get them to learn, if you see squating, and a non- pick them up and put them outside, go potty and when they say go, the rent. remember, puppies bladders are not large so they should be taken often extérieurla crate training them or go somewhere, sit near the area you want to go and they learn to ______ say! Give them a little encouragement and once they do a lot of praise, that you yourself away and far from the place where you can be anywhere in the house and they are going to sit allersit- with your puppy in the same direction and say sit (of course, she will not know, but sometimes they get bored and do it anyway, if they are still congratulating them), as push down on their bottoms firmly but gently, and under their chin and say sit again and they will sit down and praise lesallongez them do sit lie and say (again, they can bored and do it anyway, but remember, not every time you say sit fix say other wise they will of course). If they do not want to push firmly but gently on the back and drag their feet and legs in many élogeset give me five, there are two versions of this one with a muzzle that I use as it’s more fun for them or with their paw. I teach this first because puppies learn easily and what I use and give me five and they praise the idea. when they do something good, use an encouraging tone and say “up a” give me five “and reach into their noses, they will soon begin to rise and move their snouts to you or they go straight in your hand, it is a big blow heartTo more “stuff to form” send me an email to:

  • I’d say you need to have everything ready worried potty training your dog. It may be difficult, but you can still do it. You must spend a lot of time with her before even thinking about teaching her tricks. Everyone says my dog ​​is very well behaved and intelligent. But I do not treat a dog Molly and I spent a lot of time with her. You do not have to look for what I tell you. I’ve had people ask me how it is so very careful and obey most of the time. But above all it is the time you spend on your pet. Most people think of when they get an animal is supposed to sit and look pretty and know how to behave, etc. I do not care what anyone says ——- A pet is MUCH CHILD AS A MEANS THEY just know how to behave and act like they are supposed YOU THEIR “parent” to teach them the way you want to act and react to you. Molly is my shadow for the most part, very protective and will bite someone if they feel I am in a threatening situation. I should be a coach, but I was bitten as a child by a dog and I’m afraid of some dogs. But I think I’m really good with animals bc, you should treat them the way you want to be treated and talk to them. I know what Molly thinks and feels most of the time. Good luck with your puppy

  • Try crating, even when you are home. Crate after meals and leave it there for about 45 minutes. Immediately after the take and use positive praise when she goes. You need to walk until she goes every time. You can cage the night. Make the crate a fun place for it. I believe that every dog ​​has the potential to learn (such as children) they just need the right tools for them. As others wrote there are large classes starting there and then you can work from home on what you have learned. Dogs respond much better to praise the discipline that they are nice people oriented. I used the crate method on each dog that I had and they all learned in 2 weeks (when done well). Now I have a dog (lab / greyhound mix) and a mixture Sussex Spaniel & Shepard we’ve done it on and they both pot (1 & 2) command and have been trained since they were 10 weeks old. (We both less than 7-8 weeks). Good luck!

  • As others have mentioned here, it is never too late to crate train. Your dog is not a puppy, but she is still young. Just be warned, the coming weeks will be difficult for both of you, but you will be so much better in the long run. Remember, your dog wants to please you, just to help understand what you want it to do.

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