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question by Carly M : advice dog training I have a 7 month old Border Terrier who seems intelligent but also very provocant.Il a problem eating things it is not supposed to. On walks, he eats everything (shit / garbage / dead / land animals) and at home it goes for any food that is left. When I try to grunt it out and smother me (which is very unusual). He did not nibble / chew on it, he swallows to bas.En addition, it rarely responds to his name. I know he knows, but [it is outside (I do not let him), in another part of the house, or across the room] when I call it s’ he barks in fout.Et against disturbance (nobody inbound / outbound / move around the room, the noise / movement outside, the power on / off, etc.). I do not fear the occasional barking (fun / protector ). I do not remember these problems with any of my previous dogs. My last two dogs were slaughtered at the age of 15. I never “trained”, they were just very obedient / sociable, they do not do stuff, but it seemed as if they could understand English. Best answer: Answer

by stixnstones
respect to the appellant, start carrying around candy. Give him a treat every time he comes to the early days of it. Then gradually work your way down a treat every time he comes other and all three times, until you get to walk rien.Lui with a chain choker or necklace head. I’ve used both, and the head collar is much more effective to guide the dog’s head where you want it. Or, with just a slight pinch when it comes down to eat what he eats, you can bring her head back to haut.En Regarding the pinch when he eats … This will take a little time. When you are giving him food, right, as he arrives to get it, take your hand back and say an authoritative voice, “easy.” And then back to him. It should slow down near your fingers again. And eating from a bowl, start touching you put food in the bowl, and make your way to stroke while he eats. Start stroking his back, and very gradually work your way up to her shoulders and the top of his head. To do this, several days, then work your way around to caress her cheek, when you feel comfortable to do so. If you are tense, your dog will also tendue.Et. .. You should have someone there just in case something goes pas.Bonne chance. :.] I hope I helped, even a little

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  • You do not say what kind of dogs were your other, but it may be a difference. Terriers are generally independent dogs. I would not say the challenge, just an untrained dog to do what worked for lui.Il eat things he loves. He noted that growling and biting you get you to leave him alone long enough for him to eat his “pleasure”, it continues to do so – and the behavior will be stronger every time he manages to cela.Répondant his name not be near him anything as rewarding as doing what he wants right now, so he does not care. You’ll come when you call when something happens much more rewarding than coming to continue what he does. Start with the appellant when he was not involved in anything and when it comes to give several small pieces of chicken. I bet it will start venir.Vraiment all the things you are complaining about training issues. You need to get a coach with positive reinforcement and work with him. You’ll need to give it time for him to become reliable with distractions, etc.

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  • At this point you have a teenage terrier then you have a dog of a breed that generally prefers themselves rather than to please you and at an age when even the best trained dog is likely to turn a deaf ear that its owner veut.Malheureusement, you will have to “learn” this dog, if you want to get a dog you want to live with. He should get nothing unless he wins. If he wants his breakfast, he must sit on command and wait until it is on the ground and you release him to eat. If he wants to make a turn, he must sit quietly for you to put the laisse.Périodiquement, call you during the day to give him a treat or a pet as much as you want, but it does not receive by not a request, annoying to her or his mendicité.Je would exercise, take longer or walks or play fetch with lui.Plus importantly I would exercise his mind. Teach him tricks and / or obedience commands. Try to work with him on this several times a day. Take the thinking and working his mind on the things you approve so he did not distract barking against all the sounds of luck maison.Bonne

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