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Dog Training – Aggression German Shepherd (Part 1) This is the first of a few clips of 1 session of a dog and people aggressive dog that was brought to me at our recent Sit Means Sit regional seminar in Denver Colorado that is a continual learning experience for our Sit Means Sit location owners. With all of their help, the next few days you can join us for the transition of this turnaround of this dog Sit Means Sit style!! For information on becoming a Sit Means Sit dog trainer visit

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  • What maturity does a 15 year old have with a deadly weapon that can kill on his command. That power could never be abused, right?

  • 15 year old’s who can’t spell shouldn’t be teaching a dog to attack on command that has the power to kill someone.

  • It is called ‘protection training’ and is very useful, you prick.

  • you dont teach your dog to atack on your comand, are you stupid? People like you are the reason that german shepards get such a bad rep.

  • My German shepherd is very obidient & smart got her when she was 2 last year. A ranch dogg was always neglected & condition was horrible. but when istarted taking care of her she became very obidient. itought her to stay jump stop on our everyday walks & to go inside HER house. Butt idk how to teach her to sit.Or attack on my comand . iNeed ideas plz im a young owner only 15 plz someone reply

  • are there any full episodes ?

  • it seems to me from this clip the fear is provoking his agression.

  • Oh a black GSD!

  • awsome can wait for tommrow video
    Thanks for making the remote retrive video for me Iam working on it step by step

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