Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

DOG TRAINING – Amazing Transformation – Training a fearful dog Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit dog training, showing the results of “Sit Means Sit” Dog training with a timid, scared dog. “Sit Means Sit” dog training locations are throughout the US and abroad, and make it easiest on owners and dogs to communicate effectively with…

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  • why dont you take my dog for a spin and see how well it goes

  • What collar did they use for this? I need one!

  • I have a dog who is basically EXACTLY like this, pretty much this dog to a T except she’s a small rottie/shep mix.. I went online to find your site and messaged the massachusetts branch of your school… hope someone can help us help this dog out. =/

  • She holds the leash like she’s never walked a dog in her life.

  • my dog has the same problem. we have a really hard time getting her out and once out, she’s scared of everything. this has been going on for months and getting worse. we take her out for a walk every day and try to desensitize her. even if she warms up to being out that day, the next day is just as bad as it was before. getting really worried. we’ve tried lots of positive reinforcement, treats, etc. nothing works. we’ve had her since she was a baby – she’s now almost two. help?

  • thanks for the pet uploads – I love your taste

  • thank you very much – love your pet friendly choice. I have to got go take mine for a walk, and I love it!

  • really enjoyed watching to your videos – I love animals and its great looking after them!

  • shes got a nice arse lol

  • wow!! great work..

  • @ladogtrainer The owner puts the collar on at 1:09. Do you think this dog was shut down?

  • ?? are you a trainer? i think he actually did a pretty good job..this guy is makign progress..i mean the dog is already labeled as a fearful dog…just because the dog is making advancements doesnt mean the tail is automatically going to go up (its a fearful takes time)…fearful dogs probably take longer to remold and work with than any other dog problem. I find it faster to train a super aggressive dog than a fearful one…this sho

  • the foster mom energy is not strong enough, probably increases dog insecurity …. thats why the guy is able to be leader cause he has experience in what energy to portray.

  • What does the E Collar do?

  • Is that Super Dave training dogs? funny voice..;-)

  • excellent job pal u earn it!

  • Oh my gosh…this is soo amazing…i didn’t know something like this could happen…my sister’s dog should do that…but he’s soo small and soo aggresive…he thinks he’s the leader..

  • Nicely done.

  • good job!

  • BINGO! Like she said “AMAZING” Great Job!:)

  • Excellent!

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