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Dog Training – Dog Bite Prevention Video

Dog Training Video – Learn some simple steps to prevent dog bites. Especially good for children. Do not forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also use my FREE ebook “101 Ways to improve your dog’s behavior” on: (more) Video Rating: 4/5

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  • I think a lot of dog bites are scams, I was in an off leash park with my dog, and about 100 others, as a toddler came and grabbed him by the ears. Fortunately for the toddler and the dog my dog ​​is very child friendly, despite looking dangerous and he just stood there and waited for me to get off the child. parent of the child which now stand about 6 feet away and did not move all the time.

  • So true, good advice. I show dogs and it is very important to know these things on a big show. Never in a dog’s face, even if they look welcome!

  • love the videos … helped

  • man my dog ​​is unteachable

  • Omg funny story one of my english bulldog is understood as a freak, just as I was alone in my house and my dog ​​started growling at me for no reason and I was trapped between the corners of my walls and could not move and he remained closer I did nothing I wanted to pee my pants, but eventually I got away thank god.

  • I do not think a controlled dog would wander 20 feet while walking. I use a retractable when I walk my dog ​​to the park. I will walk closely than when I relax on a bench I let the dog about 10 – 15 meters clearance to walk around and sniff. Retractable leashes can be pretty cool if you have an obedient dog.

  • OMG almost got attacked by a dog today …… if only I saw this video earlier ….. but I realize that it is very difficult for the dog to back away ….

  • Would have used this information about ten years ago. The good news is, the dog owner’s house insurance paid me $ 5,000.00 for a nip at my calf. That was a nice chunk of change. In fact, I think back to that garden with a pork chop tied to my leg! Would get this time $ 10,000.00!

  • thank you!

  • It is totally unfair for dog owners to let other people be attacked. The dogs should not be put down because they just dogs. The owners, however, should go to jail.

  • One of the first things I learned the hard way to never run from a dog. EVER! I used to be a runner and saw a stray along one of my routes. I thought that was going a different direction would be a better option and so I do not want to stop running. When I turned around, I could hear some heavy breathing and turned my head for a fraction of a second to see the dog give chase! I ran as hard as hell. I came good. The dog eventually lost interest and I improved my time three miles! Anyways, Great Vid!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips!

  • thankyou for the reply mate .. ill let you know how to:-D

  • hi there … I have a Great Dane, she is 7 months old and when I and my mother to take her outside as if they are having a fit or something. she begins to jump up and bite us .. and if we try to take her in she refuses to move as we approached the house … She only started refusing to move about 2-3 months ago … can you please answer if we do not no what to do … we want this kind of behavior from her as soon as she is a big dog .. thanks:-D

  • damn! if your dog is still not go on yahoo answers there are a lot of people on that site that can help you!

  • I think he is the coach and the man who likes to other dog owners happy. As dog owners are happier than he is happy

  • Help Ive got a German shepherd and I followed all the commands he does sit, but tried to teach him not to jump with your trainning video and he now began to bite her got to the point where I can not be around him. When I get him back down he starts to jump up and bite me when I try to close it behind me and jumped on my back and bites. He does not look at me and I have a very hard time to get his attention and I spend more than half an hour to calm him down. Hes almost 6 months now.

  • im sorry bout that sounds like you are asking for trouble … there are better ways showin your alpha male statistics than biting your dogs throat … We are not wolves ppl

  • I recently was almost attacked by a stray dog, and I reacted like you said here and even though the dog growling and snapping its jaws and runing on me it never fails to attack … I was not shouting at it and stop for about 10 minutes and slowly backin away, but never has it, the dog eventually backed down

  • I have a border collie sheltie mix that was very nice of him young. I had no problem with him greeting people. Today he has fear aggression towards people and I do not know what caused that. Last week he bit someone in my house, without ringing the bell, also this person had teased him when he was younger. Im scared, and not sure what to do. I tried BARK BUSTER TRAINING, but they are useless. the techniques they use seem to make my dog ​​more feraful.

  • I’m going to go out on a line here, but I will say that the reason why he bites you, you can not show that you baas.Harsh? That’s exactly what an alpha male would have done had he lived in a pack. He essentially challenging your leadership as you try to make him a good sign corrigeren.Nooit partner.

  • That’s a bit harsh …?

  • Bite him back, if you want to show that you are the alpha male, and he’s not taking you “pinning” it down, then bite him in his throat. That’s what another superior dog would doen.Natuurlijk you should not bite so hard that he starts to bleed, it is clear that you are either ver.Maar are alpha-, or he will never listen to what you say in the future .

  • Chewbacca!

  • This is ridiculous as most training videos, dogs for years I just treat it as a small child and she will be fine

  • Okay …. I can do this. I just need to go buy a dog, haha.

  • It is an Ewok

  • hhaharaha

  • brussels griffons yay!

  • how to train an Ewok!

  • I have a German shepherd, he trained and well behaved!

  • I dont have a dog, but I’m watching it anyway: p

  • maybe you should read what I said again! “USUALLY” natural hair is not a German Shepherd. it’s a mutt.

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  • Im told that they make it seem so easy to train your pet! Why dont they train our dogs?

  • you can train small children to be obedient with food, toys, attention and outside

  • lol where

  • The third dog is a German Shepherd. German shepherds are more bushier / fluffy coat and have more and longer ones too

  • the first second looks like a street dog, third is mainly German shepard

  • which is a brussels griffon

  • My dog ​​eats hotpockets

  • You know when you watch this your a bad trainer

  • Whst happen if he ate your arm for hot pockets

  • I think I might try that on my friends

  • Steven Tyler?

  • what kind of dog is it for the second dog? someone please?

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