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Dog Training: Dog Park Etiquette Training

Dog training experts Fred Hassen and Alfredo Rivera from Sit Means Sit are included in this news clip from ABC Channel 13, Las Vegas, NV. The question is also asked about what to do if your dog gets into a fight in the dog park. There are some very good photos of the dog park and dogs taken from a helicopter in this video also. The Clark County Parks and Recreation Department will present free dog park etiquette classes to help responsible dog owners better manage their fun at dog parks. Through the help of Sit Means Sit, the county wants to help dog owners better understand how a cute and conflict-free time in the dog park preserve. The free dog park etiquette classes are not about teaching dog obedience, but learning how their dog’s energy better in the dog park manage to avoid potential problems from developing. Video Rating: 4/5

This is one of the most crucial tasks that every dog ​​should know. Dogs that are reliable off-line to get more freedom, fun and exercise have. They secret of teaching this is to always set your dog for success and then reward them for success. Follow these few tips to get started. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. I’m posting a new video every week, so be sure to register if you have not already. Thanks for watching! Video Rating: 4/5

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  • In my opinion, a dog owner to find a responsible person to a well behaved dog there to socialize dog with it. Dog parks are just a bad idea. All it takes is a dog to bite your dog and this can affect your dog for the rest of his life.

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  • What typa dog is that in the image

  • Yes this dog park is free. I have taken my dogs here for four years now, love this place. There are certainly a number of owners who should pay attention to their dogs do.

  • weres that?

  • ‘That dog park FREE

  • Good Job Sit Means Sit ……

  • You can never have enough Dog Training! Thank you for sub and inviting! Shay

  • I think it would have been a good idea to mention “how” to “pull” away from the dogs. Grasping the hind legs is the safest way for both the handlers and dogs, in my opinion. Good video, and more people should deffinately better learn canine etiquette!

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  • I really like your methods. My wish for my dog ​​is that they would come when called, so when she comes off, I did not run after her and make sure she walks down the road to get hit by a car (I do try! Much Cesar Millan’s methods, but that’s mainly for the human behavior I have a clicker and a long lead time My email is; .., I have a good website for dog stuff Thanks

  • Glad you’re happy. I on the other hand do not like a Mexican that my screen.

  • misleading title.

  • Uhm I do? and a lot of other people do too. so the dog does not scratch you or your children or friends or geust when jumping or cuddling them. and so the dogs dont nails splitting or tearing.

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  • thanks it helped me to train my dog! 1 Now when I call my dog ​​out he comes soon! It is a German shepeherd!

  • That is simple, without other Doggs or other people in the neigberhood

  • when I say come to my dog ​​Im just whistled.

  • a good trainer and lecturer.

  • Yes, it’s a German shepherd also known as “K9 Police Dog”

  • My husband bought me a dog for our anniversary, I’m more of a cat tipe of person, but my husband a few good tricks learned in this book 505 dog secrets, it’s really easy to use (my husband understand) 🙂

  • dude i have a pug female .. and they just focused on food .. and not on clicker voice: | what should I do?

  • Thanks for video partners.

  • this is a police dog?

  • What is his dog’s name?

  • thank you I will try it out

  • I’m a terrible person to laugh at the title

  • Great, thumbs up and subbed .. I just got my first dog (SBT) was given, he is 10 months, but has almost no training when he was rescued by people who loved him in a cage 24/7, so I’m really starting with the basics. For me this is the best vid I have seen so far 🙂

  • Thanks this was very helpful

  • Ok so you have to show your dog knows how, but how did you initially to teach him? I say come and the dog just looks at me and do not know what to do.

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  • lol all I keep thinking every time he says “come” is RED ROCKET!

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