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Dog Training – Help! My Dog Won’t Fetch

eletendre1 asked:

Dog Training Video – Easy trick to teach any dog how to play fetch (and actually drop the ball at your feet). Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:


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  • France

    This really did work. Unfortunately my dog is now wise to this trick and now flat out refuses to drop the ball unless something distracts his attention and he runs off to sniff… leaving his ball THERE for me to collect. We’ve spent up to 15 minutes just staring in the park and I’m now losing patience. I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to get him to drop. A stranger walks up, asks him to drop and he does immediately… 3 times… I’m starting to think this is personal 🙂

  • Jamey

    the best ive gotten to make my dog fetch is when i take is toy from his mouth. throw . and he comes back with it in his mouth. i wil try this soon once i find a toy he likes.. hes very picky on his toys. ………………yorkie

  • Bernard

    BrendanHoag and sundalo47.
    Your dogs can be adults, so they don’t want to play. I’ve got a 5months old dog, he loves playing:)

  • Edra


  • Louetta

    what if my dog doesn’t actually come back to me? He just runs to the ball and picks it up. Then he just lies down with it in his mouth. he doesn’t come to me.

  • Isaiah

    what if my dog has absolutely no interest in the ball?
    what should i do then???

  • Tequila

    you have to get the dog interested in the toy before throwing it.. act like your really enjoying the toy and make sure your dog is watching.. once it seems like your dog is interested try tossing it a few feet and go from there.. hope my advice works

  • Juan


  • Arianna

    Cool. I am getting my own Whippet soon, and am watching many videos to prepare. I hope this works for Timy!

  • Marth

    thx its works

  • Debera

    Try only throwing the ball a short distance, at first. If your throw it far away, the dog’s more likely to drop it or wander off.

  • Sabra

    Maybe it’s because you’re no longer sitting so she is confused about what to do? Try standing in your backyard instead of sitting and see if that changes anything.

  • Herma

    thx this helped alot!

  • Odell

    Does he like playing with toys that rattle? I’m certain I read somewhere that some dogs will chase a ball that rattles, just a suggestion, I hope you find a method that works!

  • Alexander

    I forgot to mention that the two ball trick ( you know where you throw one ball and casually let the dog know you have a second ball after it gets the first ball) was the trick that thing that got her fetching in the backyard, but the same trick hasn’t worked yet in open spaces!

    We have now mastered one ball fetching in the backyard,


  • Katheryn

    Hello, My dog will play fetch in the backyard, I’ts taken us 4 years to get to this point!, but she will not play fetch in open spaces, and it is so frustrating because she gets the ball ok, but then either hides it, or just drops it and comes back to me!

    Playing fetch in the backyard, I sit on a chair and throw the ball, I do not move away from the chair at all, and she now brings the ball back every time! How come the change in play when we are out and about? can anyone shed light on this?

  • Delphia

    heyy can you help me my dog doesnt even go after the ball !
    just like you said about the golden retreiver!
    and he tries to bite my fingers so how to tell himm that it s wrong!!??

  • Maricela

    my dog is smart when i throw the other ball she grabs the ball she left and then went for the other one :p……

  • Ida

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  • Sina

    dude thats the problem he doesnt come back at all 😛

  • Bree

    dont take it out until he/she comes back

  • Jordan

    what if my dog drops the ball far away,as soon as he sees the one in my pocket from where i threw the second ball

  • Treva

    I know! My dog does the exact same thing!

  • Lurlene

    What do i do when i throw the ball , the puppy grabs it and goes somewhere to play with it and doesnt come back to me? (Its A ROTTI)

  • Willena

    *Is getting a new puppy and is reading up on them and training a puppy* No problem

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