Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog Training – How to choose dog obedience classes. Part 3

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  • What should he say? I honestly am deaf and do not really understand what he says, but I really need help. I wish someone would make closed caption … I hardly train him and I say NO to dog and Heel. refusing to listen to me, bark at another dog walking down the street.

  • Excellent!

  • here is my problem, I use a regular collar, but when I dog sees another dog he starts to whine and bark, high pitch and pulls me to say go and play. I can say hello to him whenever I can, but not every time. How do I calm him just as he sees another dog walking down the street?

  • This is true. The oppression and negative re-informs cement can lead to negative problems with aggression. Thanks

  • very true my dog ​​had that problem when he was my only dog ​​I stopped using it now he wants to go say hello to dogs, but do not know how. how can I teach him?

  • what do you think the recomond although the positive or negitive ill trust your desicion

  • i like how you show that the hard training can have terrible consequences. You must include the name of the video, because it is a bit wild bekentIk as a sit stay or thing that you must change to something more hard training versus good or healthy exercise.

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  • Agreed with cassuisclaynyc. Let’s say you opt for an obedience class and you plan to present. While these classes, it’s not just that your dog is learning things, it’s also you, as owner. First day in this class, carefully look at the techniques that the trainers used. If he / she mentions or wants to use choke collars, be careful. Like Eric said, you should be careful about what you’re correct. If you do not think the negative techniquees suitable for your dog, get out of there.

  • He is to inform you about what you can expect if you’re a trainer, that way they choose to enforce the behavior. It is clear that there are times when both methods to apply, he was just explaining why.

  • Very informative. I get a dog from a shelter here soon in a week when I paid. I’m watching your videos for a while. You have a subscriber.

  • This set of videos is all about why you do not use teeth, chokes and shock collars. It tells you nothing about how to choose a dog obedience class.

  • Good video … I think an important concept here is this … The only one who knows what is being corrected, the hond.We may think we know what we are correct, but the only one who really knows the dog. explained well, nice job.

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