Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Watch the rest of his videos instead of being a dickhead, You’ll see his methods are different but effective, he encourages a loving relationship with your dog, a thing a lot of “main stream” dog trainers don’t do

  • That is the most common reply that I get, but I work with dogs, so what do I know? At the dog park that you go to, I bet something like that has happened, you just haven’t heard about it, unless you live there. So, you can take you’re dog there all you want, but if something happens to your dog, your the only person that you can blame. But even if that never happens, when someones dog attacks your dog and they say “That has NEVER happened before.” It has, possibly a lot too.

  • I’m not sure what dog parks you go to, but I feel that people leaving cheese with needles in them is not what most dog parks are like. I’m not sure why a service dog would be brought to a dog park too. Dog parks have risks, but the majority of dog parks do not have chocolate lying around or needle-ridden pieces of cheese.

  • I train service dogs for wounded veterans. I don’t mean to be an ass, but a dog park is a bad place to take your dog… A woman that I know with a service dog brought her dog to a dog park, the dog was attacked by another dog and is not a service dog anymore. People leave chocolate in dog parks. I heard about someone leaving cheese hidden in dog parks were people wont see them, but dogs can smell them, inside this cheese they put needles…

  • Hey wait arnt you from who let the dogs out ?

  • Dude… you suck at this. And you call yourself a trainer? Jeez, give me a break.

  • Not good

  • A border collie ( I think)

  • What type of dog is that at 1:32?

  • I need to get a frisbee..

  • I love these videos. I cant wait to teach my dog this. But for now shes only 12-13 weeks so it takes a while before i can start. But i love watching your stuff.

  • same here dude

  • my dog is a lab and is 2 yrs old he loves food i threw the ball he caught comes running back to me but dosent let go of the ball and starts running around mad and likes being chased could u help me with that and i stay in India there are no clicker here and i dont prefer online shopping can i make the nosie with my hand or something please help me out

  • Good videooo!!!! Very funny!

  • lol right as she bends over… beautiful wonderful job

  • thats the name of my dog.. and she is a pitbull too

  • Awww. That Mastiffe mix was half naked! Lol.

  • I have an Aussie and we have only had him for a little bit,but he’s 6 months old,but for some reason,when I take him out to meet other dogs to play,he runs away and is scared. I have no idea how to get him over the fear.

  • Retriever have this in their blood to bring stuff back, even shot down birds, they won’t even eat them.

  • dicktits suck my asshole

  • nice vid but first teach your dog to fetch and than to catch a frisbee…

  • all this is nice, but few months ago I wrote to you even from my email never answered .I do not blame u if u have so many folks asking u for advice ..and anyway I dont even have a Frisbee here. we have one bit crap only.So i cant train my dog..I will think of using pick-nick plastic plates :).

  • beautiful, wonderful *zoom in on ass*

  • i didn’t have to teach my dog he just have always done it 🙂

  • thought this was elijah wood for a second

  • What have you tried so far?
    If nothing, get a clicker or decide on a word and charge the clicker or the word with the best treat (in very small pieces) that your dog knows. As soon as you get a reaction telling you that the dog makes the connection, do something simple, as working on eye contact. Do this for a couple of minutes and then finish the training by showing the dog that you’re out of treats and some petting.
    I’m willing to bet on your dog wanting to train more the next day. 🙂

  • Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you considered this dog training program known as Xobodog Training? I’ve heard some extraordinary things about it.

  • you are an amazing trainer and your dogs are so well behaved! Im getting a Boston Terrier puppy Sunday and I will start training him immediatley (good behaviors) But I have a small request. Is there anyway you could make a tutorial on how to teach your dog to “skip”? I loved the one video where I saw you and your dog skipping together! I would love to teach my puppy that one day.

  • Growling is a dominance vocalization. Unless your puppy is frightened,
    or feels threatened, you’ll see this behavior in situations where it has
    previously been allowed to be dominant. You have to establish yourself
    as “pack leader”. The most important way of doing that is teaching it how
    to walk beside you on a loose leash.

  • Is it to late to work with clicker training if my pup is a year and 1 month? She isn’t horrible but could use some work on things like not barking, staying, coming, and a few other things, I’ve been watching all of your videos hoping that it isn’t too late for Sadie :/

  • I was wondering if you had a video or tips on puppy training in regards to growling.  I just got my 8 week old Boston Terrier yesterday and I’ve been wanting to use the clicker training method but everything I can find on puppy growling and what to do uses intimidation or negative methods.

  • Ur vids are the bomb!! Nice work

  • awwh! What breed is your puppy? :)

  • What r the puppies names? I trained both of my dogs once while I was 6 the other time wen I was 8

  • your soooo pretty

  • I am sorry your dogs are so sweet. I love the outfits. And please smile more – like you like Sweden and doing videoes.


  • I do tell him how to possitive reinforce good behaviours… But he has a hard time to “getting it”
    He tries! But… I feal like I’m mostly teaching my boyfriend how to teach the dog good behaviours.

  • I agree on the “a dog is stubborn because of your own ations” part.
    My boyfriend and I own a young dog now for almost a year. She behaves and listens perfectly… to me… My boyfriend however has showed her from the beginning that she can walk over him if she wants to. He has now realised the consequences of that, and changed his behaviour towards the dog now… But it is so much harder to relearn habbits towards him. And I am afraid my boyfriend is now a bit TO firm with her.

  • I love the last shot!

  • hello emily i was just wondering when your dog offers you a behavior that you didnt ask for but you do like do you click for that behavior and focus on that trick or how would you go about it

  • ah! The first puppy looks JUST like my brand new puppy I just adopted this weekend.. This video was just in time. 🙂

  • Your going to keep the one at 1-30, how could you not?

  • Thanks kikopup!

  • Thanks kikopup!

  • Thanks k!

  • Thanks k!

  • having a podengo myself, it made me giggle when I saw the podengo in the video had a long line- been there, done that 😀

  • When my puppy arrived the first things I wanted her to learn were to pee outdoors, not to bite my hands, walk on and off leash, and to see different places, vehicles, and devices so she’d not be scared of them. I also taught her to sit and started training recall.

    The reason why I waited for her to grow bigger before the actual obedience training was that I find it a lot easier to train a bigger dog than a small one.

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