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Dog training kennel … what is your take?

FarmTownCOMEBACKTOME Question : dog training kennel … what is your decision ? OK-So I had a mother dog stay at home housewife and the establishment of our new house lol, if my puppies are now 9 months and m have been home all day with them. I recently got a job and my husband and I used to work the same hours they are home to eight hours a day three days a week. First, they entered the toilet paper and mail, not a big market, but they have been in trouble … then they were in their beds and separated them … that made me even angrier when I leave I would put their beds in another room and make sure that the house was “puppy proof”. Yesterday I came home and they have now entered our brand new sofa eurosuede … not happy! They are 9 months now and I’ve never been trained kennel, “playing pin-trained”, but they become too big for that now. They are mini schnauzers and can output the read axis. We bought kennels for them, but have used them for everything they got in trouble yesterday, and I came home today and the sofa is a little torn-plus.SO, the question is … should I kennel them while we’re at work? I feel like its kind of saying to do for them now because they arent used to them at all, but I can not leave my couch is ruined more. I want to hear “Do you want to be in a kennel all day?” Because no, I wouldnt but I also do not have my own @ $ $ lick and eat shit lol. If you have better ideas let me know, or if you think the kennel is the way to go … Please tell le.MERCI! Sorry this is so long! 🙂 Best answer : Answer

by Jedi Master Hidn Steyn
I have been breeding dogs for 25 years and YES, is Kennel the way to go. We start all our puppies in this way and save us when we do the same for older dogs. Do not feel guilty, this is the way to go. Leave the TV or radio for them if they so something to “tune” in …

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  • Crating is not cruel. not only will protect your home, but it keeps your dog safely. because they eat things, you ask for an obstruction.

  • I would absolutely try the doghouse. I have a poodle / schnauzer who loves his kennel – and it was not kennel trained until he was two. So it’s not too late! I must admit, the first time will be super hard to leave, but that’s what I suggest: Put it in the kennel, and go out for a walk etc / moto – NOT in your car! He will cry and scream and it will be so difficult to walk, but surprisingly enough, it will calm down. When you return from your walk / bike, you can “drag” to your house, and I bet you will not hear a look! When crate training, make sure you use a sentence ( “Go to your room for example) and still give him a treat for behaving. Do not force your dog in the kennel, let him discover for himself, and do not forget to make sure he gets fresh water in there! And do not worry – if the kennel is the right size (it must have room to stand, sit, and lay down, no more), it should not have accidents inside. Good luck !

  • It would not hurt to try the kennel, but you must do so in a manner postive.Mon laboratory is not kennel trained so now I get used it to it so when we go to anchor tests Diving, he can comfortably get in his kennel when he jumps pas.Je have invited him in the kennel with treats and will not push in – the kennel must be a safe and comfortable experience for him. We are on week 2 and it will now go into the kennel of his own, without treats, from time to time – I have not closed the porte.Il is therefore a long process for us – You might also consider triggering baby dogs in the kitchen while you went to the kennel door open.

  • Yes. It would be best for you and for them. Them could be injured if they are stupid enough to do things they should not, and it is not the best for your relationship with them if they still make you chier.Maintenant, I’m not completely sure, are you talking about a “kennel” as in, something that is 5’x5 ‘outside, or “case” that is smaller, being large enough for the dog to stand, turn, and slept in? If you do not work long hours, a box is fine, but if you do it by investing in a kennel is a good idea, but some dogs tend to bark kennel trouble. Dogs in crates usually do not because they are in their “special place” and are comfortable, and more likely to just sleep.

  • I crate trained my puppy Lab until she was 2. Then we leave the door open of his cage at night. She was very good. Then we leave the door open for racing only. She was very good. Until finally she was rarely in the box. So now we got rid of him. She is almost 3.

  • I think crating will make all your lives more faciles.Vous know you’re not going home to destruction, which means you’ll be happy to go home and see your dogs! As they are not used to being crated, I hope you have time to acclimate the days you do not work. Also if you have a neighbor who could come in the middle of the day to get them out, get them acclimated to their change of lifestye.

  • I adopted my German Shepherd when she was 9 months. The first month was a disaster. She chewed shoes, torn the fabric on my couch, eating a pillow and more. This was done at night when we were asleep. I got to the point that I could not sleep because I wanted to keep an ear on it and make sure it does not eat me out of house and home, literally. I called my vet and he said to his kennel trained. I thought it could not hurt. At night when we were ready to cash it, I would say “kennel up” and give him a treat. He changed his behavior immediately. It is now 2 years and she has not chewed anything since. She loves her cage and sometimes go to sleep in voluntarily. It combines as its “home”. I highly recommend crating all.

  • Firstly, people who say “do you want to be in a kennel all day?” are stupides.Crate training / Kennel is good for dogs if the owner has to go puppy or dog / is the formation of pot.Il is the way to go ((:

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