Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog Training – Labrador Retriever Gun Dog

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  • you must use a slingshot …. he shoots them in the ass and I guarantee he just run away again

  • Yes.

  • what a beautiful dog! I hope he gets lots of treats and a warm blanket after this! well done!

  • During practice, Tie him to a lawsuit in the ground before he mastered more. You can also use it for the first practice in a kennel door open if you want him to go. He will not take off that way til you get more training in him.

  • Hey I have a two year old yellow lab and he is an animal when it comes to hunting, but this past season he began to break on me. Even a shock collar wont get his ass to stay. I have on him but he still has the tendency to break when I come to shoot really fast. Any tips?

  • I have my own labrador retriver and she walks weird I think theres something wrong with her hip. I need her to the vet?

  • Hi that was fab have tips for hot even my 4 month old springer to gain confidence to get in the water as she is very nervous when approaching the water they ok now, after much time to play on the water, but when her feet leave the ground to swim She Dont like it and comes back

  • Beautiful work! Charger looks great on the concentration and overdrive work mode.

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