Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog training part 1 of 5 Obedience Training with Gary Jackson

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> au part 1 of 5 in relation to how to train your dog in basic obedience Video Rating: 0/5

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  • Where are the following 4 videos? My dog ​​is afraid of the belt. Once she gets on, she hangs her head down and follows nicely, but looking for every opportunity to walk away. She follows me off leash good though. She is a rescue and I’ve only had her for a few months.

  • I disagree with yelling at the dog. Because some breeds are harder to train, you must show him who’s boss and that fakely mad at the dog or the dog is truly something wrong he will Sence you fake.

  • a trained dog is a happy owner

  • my dog ​​reasons, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong in that aspect at least. I never taught my puppy to share something, as a matter of fact that he thinks he is the alpha of the household. One day a lab puppy that looked very emaciated walked in my garden … It laid down beside my puppy after he barked her for like 10 minutes, buck (my first puppy) went to his bowl, got a mouth full of food, went back to lizzy (we adopted her shortly after) and left the mouthful for liz to eat, then liz shared the bowl.

  • I really need help I have a pure breed Australian Kelpie but we pull way 2 much on the line. If I did it last exercise turned and walked to the end of the line again. please help me

  • Hi. I just saw this video. I know your comment is old one things, but can you tell me if these exercises help? Thank you in advance

  • Once ur dog (8 weeks) get

  • I have my pitbull learn this when he was two months old .. now he knows he has three months to sit, lie down, jump, heel, play dead, and fetch .. im still thinking of other things to get my dog ​​to learn.

  • Cool 🙂 I wonder at what age can we start trainning.

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