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I have a year old Maltese dog (Male) … There are some problems though … Instead of licking you when he see’s you or is happy to see you … He will bite, not hard vicious bites just like … I guess “playful” bites. But I do not want him doing that, what can I do?

Also, he starts to get on my nerves A LOT, he is not really “potty trained” … But we have him outside for a long time, and when he finally comes inside he decides to do his business in the house … (Mostly number 1). What should I do??

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Answer by Ashlie
For the first issue, I found that when I don’t want an animal to bite me, I squeal really loudly and they think they’re hurting you. If you do that often enough, they’ll stop putting their teeth on you. It works really well, all my dogs were trained that way.

As for the 2nd issue, it sometimes takes small dogs a while to “get it” that they’re supposed to do their business outside. You should go out with him and take treats. Every time he goes outside, give him a treat and lots of praise and pets. If he goes inside, interrupt him by clapping loudly, and then take him directly outside. Once he finishes out there, give him praise and treats if you have one handy. He’ll start associating outside with positive things and will stop going to the bathroom inside.

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  • For the playful biting, whenever he bites, immediately make some sort of noise (ah-ah, tsk, etc, just as long as he can hear it and you’re consistent), cross your arms over your chest and turn away. This shows him that his behavoir won’t make you want to play, and is unacceptable.

    As for the pee, it sounds like me might be trying to gain dominance by marking territory, so just be sure to make it obvious that you’re alpha in his “pack,” and if it still keeps going, try looking for a training book that deals with dominance issues.

  • if he hasn’t been fixed, do it, will help w/ the “marking” in the house

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