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Dog Training – should your dog on the couch?

Should your dog be allowed on the couch? If you want him to be my answer. In the Sit Means Sit dog training system adjusts the dogs different behaviors, so that it may make a dog more freedom or less, depending on your individual choices. Consistency in your dogs attentativeness to commands will help him in his understanding of such obedience. Dogs should be taught both on and off of objects, so you will be prepared for all possible situations. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • – Lol I agree, my 2 Mal’s have the run of my house because they are good and non-destructive!

  • @ Phoenixtilidie The dog or the children? LOL!

  • You’re so good at first my dog ​​aloud had to be able to be on the bench until we have a new bank now difficult to train her not to couch.She sneaks on the couch Plus she sleeps in every bodys bed. She hates to lay on the floor.She loves her dog bed on our beds

  • I would rather have a dog on the couch, a small child. My dog ​​does not try to eat or drink while sitting on the couch. There are therefore no spillage ….

  • It’s yes or no. I say “yes.”

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