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Dog Training – The Heel Command

eletendre1 asked:

To stop your dog from pulling, you must teach your dog how to walk politley at your side. Learn how in this quick dog training video. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:


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  • Lyndia

    All I have ever done is take the dogs for walks making them heel. I just keep saying heel over and over and forcing him to walk there with an 18″ leash. After two or three walks like that they get it down with no problem.

  • Gale

    i don’t know why but my saint has always walked bside me and I never trained him or put a leash on hin we can walk though the city with know problem .

  • Vickie

    great training tips

  • Prince

    You’ve just made my point my friend. The dog is always working to get something or avoid something. You’re dog is working to get the bumper or duck dummy. It’s the same as working for food.


    P.S. You have a nice website!

  • Eddy

    I’m a pretty successful retriever trainer, so I must be doing something right. NOBODY worth a heck uses a e-collar to teach the heel command. I use a collar and a 6 foot leash to teach heel and there’s no e-collar pressure or any other kind of pressure, but there’s no food reward either. At the end of the training session the retrievers get to retrieve a bumper or a duck dummy…that’s the reward.

  • Latrina

    No disrespect intended but you really, really don’t know what you’re talking about. Behavior is all about consequences. You go to work every week because you get a paycheck. When you’re training your retrievers you are applying some type of consequence. The dog is either working to get something (treat) or working to avoid something (stimulation from an electronic collar). It’s that simple.

  • Neda

    No disrespect intended, but food rewards is wrong. Then you don’t train the dog to listen to the command you teach the dog food food food. And you teach the dog listen to the command and you get food not listen to the command because I’m the pack leader.

  • Efrain

    oh my god that dog is such a cutie!!, and i really like your training tips, there so much better and nicer to the dogs as well as more effective then most videos on here!!

  • Shara

    At what age does it start becoming difficult to train dogs, or does it ever become hard at all? I just adopted a ten month old pup from the humane society, and she’s a sweetheart, but she needs a little training. She jumps and pulls on the leash like the dogs do in these videos. Will it be more difficult to train her if she’s a little older than other puppies that are learning these tricks?

  • Kasey

    at what age do u suggest working on this command???? 2 months or so….?

  • Miguelina

    You just have to lean a lot:D Not easy for your back I can tell you 😛

  • Gertrudis

    but what if your dog,like say mine, is really small (shih tuz) compared to you? its not the easy

  • Emeline

    You’re the best! Thank you!

  • Bridget

    i have a questions. how can i train this command with a smaller dogs? like mini pinscher, chihuahua,etc.
    wouldnt it be hard to train this with a smaller dogs?

  • Alfreda

    Thanks…I will try this…

  • Julio

    Hi there,
    Nice set of videos. I’d like to see something on barking. I’d like to learn how to get my dog to quit barking at “nothing” and how to bark on command.

  • Larry

    what abt to watch when he is heeling..instead of just being at your do you teach them to do that

  • Kimiko

    Find something that does motivate them. Toys, games, treats etc. Verbal praise or physical affection works too.

  • Ma

    Very great… but do you know what to do with a dog who doesn’t eat treats, like mine? lol

  • Pearle

    you r good r you a dog lol

  • Liz

    Your welcome and please let me know how you make out.


  • Bong

    Thanks, will try this technique with my beagle that loves to pull on her leash,lol. ;D

  • Macie

    You get it! 5 stars plus…

  • Leland

    Thank You!

  • Doreen

    Very clear, lucid training. I love your videos!

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