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Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

eletendre1 asked:

Leash walking is one og the commands that dog owners have difficulty with. In this video I share a simple secret to leash walking. Please leave a comment and you can get a free ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior.” Go to


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  • Jarvis


  • Dana

    Great video, but, what to do with those dogs that have a high prey-instinct and constantly pull when out on a walk, on the lookout for squirrels, cats, etc.? The ones who are far more interested in seeing and chasing things than the handler?

  • Jenine

    lol…the pug was just enjoying the vacuum…

  • Treasa

    i got a rat terrier shes smart but likes to take off she follows me every whee in the house

  • Hildegarde

    Wow you’re great and your videous are cool

  • Nadine

    your video helps me a lot to train my dog in a better position….thanks a lot dear friend

  • Jesse

    my bulldogs just dont care about pulling her back i am trying for more than a year rght now…. my doberman walks perfekt. my bulldog just when i regularly argue

  • Aleida


  • Dimple

    Yes, i’m gonna try this with Tyson the rottweiler!

  • Helena

    You dog is gorgeous, eletendre1.

  • Israel

    I think the tips on loose leash walking make total sense. I am going to try that tonight. My dog is powerful and always seems to want to go faster than I do. I often stop and wait until she calms down before we proceed. I thought for sure she just had to be boss on walks. The reflex pressure thing is key… Thanks and I will report back.

  • Kerry

    I am a fellow dog trainer. Dude you are cool. I love loose leash walking, i remember the first time I took my dog walking. It took me 20 minutes just to start actually walking, she’s a pit that loves squriels! Now, I can lay her leash on her back and she walks down the street with me. If she gets distracted, I make a sound or command and she comes back. Loose leash walking lowers heart pressure, I am sure of it!

  • Kelsie

    I was going about walking him the wrong way!!!!
    Thank you we start the loose leash walk tomorrow
    Thank you……

  • Thurman

    lol lol the hoover one is grrreat

  • Marvis

    HELP! i need training tips or you can show me how, i want her to learn tricks like sit,paw,lay down,stand, crawl, etc. and also a training to make him walk with me(no leash), potty training etc… please help me!

  • Franklyn

    check out my dog too

  • Mose

    i would rather do it this way, i don’t want to train my dog to NOT look forward; curbs, bikes, etc.
    it works for our amstaff just fine and when mine pulls, i stop. over time i use a word, turn, and with the leash loose, he turns around just fine. good luck

  • Breana

    I have a Rottie and the way I trained her to walk on a loose leash is as soon as she started to get ahead of me, not even pulling yet, I turned around and went in the opposite direction slightly jerking the leash to make sure she follows my lead. Do that every time you walk your dog, eventually it will catch on. My dog walks right next to me or even slightly behind me. I never used choke collars, or anything inhumane to train. Eventually it will realize you’re in charge and follow your lead.

  • Shellie

    no, the one on the leash is a pitbull, the man owns that dog, but it looks like a border collie, but no its a pitbull, and ya the vacumed is a pug

  • Vesta

    This will work with Rotties? Cause in another video the guy got his attention and eye contact before walking him. The dog had his eyes on the owner the whole time they were walking. Also, my other question: If you need a loose leash but the dog is pulling, how can you change direction like you said if the dog pulls away from you?

  • Shaina

    that is not a border collie its a pitbull

  • Erminia

    Yea, but a harness give a dog total control…you can use a training collar (choke chain) they cant slip out

  • Micha

    the one on leash, border collie
    the one getting vacuumed, Pug

  • Kristine

    This is true. Walking a friend’s rottie i realized she’s MUCH better behaved when there’s slack on the leash. It’s all about trusting your dog to not pull.

  • Tamie

    This guy is good it makes it all so simple and I like the way he explains things too.

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