Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog training tip: connecting with your dog.

Using food is a great introduction for a dog to learn and shaping behavior. However, it is easy to get caught in the trap of bribing a dog with food to get them to listen to you. Connecting with a dog with an enthusiastic attitude while using a variety of rewards will allow you to teach them with or without food … fun for the dog comes from interaction with their parents … and not only what is in their pocket. I personally prefer to start teaching a new behavior with food, and then quickly change the reward in a toy or a game or some sort. Once a dog and their human learning to communicate with each other, amazing things are guaranteed to happen. What is your dog’s favorite game?? Video Rating: 4/5

Some fun clips of winter training in Cincinnati, Ohio with my 3 cattle dogs, Five, Jack, and Spike Video Rating: 4/5

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  • that makes Tab, Tab.

  • Id like to see how a dog to learn to stay calm at home while alone for a few hours.

  • you move so much as talking: Pen dont put the camera near ur face .. the uncanny

  • My dog ​​loves carrots can I use them?

  • Love your videos. Thank you wel.Major distraction: squirrels, geese and of course cats.

  • Thank you. looking forward to that one as well! 🙂

  • small children are distractions # 1

  • i cant my German shepherd to even jump. What would step in to do that

  • @ Tab289 Why did you choose a German shepherd and which breed is best for training? Labrador or German Shepard?

  • Love ur vids

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it!

  • I cool video I would like to see is how you get your dog to jump over you as you squat down.

  • I agree. It is a much more soothing reward than a game of tug, which is usually more exciting for most dogs.

  • Excellent vid. where dogs are conditioned to enjoy working for you by the rewards that you are using. I use a combination of rewards and use food in many different ways. Work for their food, my dogs work, they do not need it, but I want to use it because it helps them with great feel-good factors throughout the day. Food is also an imp tool to suppress adrenaline release and soothe a dog. Food is a valuable tool to assist in maintaining emotional stability in your dog.

  • great video! Just like the others! 5 * indeeed

  • Well said!

  • Great video!

  • Yes, it is so exciting and satisfying to agree binding in action!

  • Great point! I love all your videos! 5 *!

  • Great vid as usual! Favorite!

  • great video 🙂

  • being a newbie I found your vid very inspiring. thx 4 posting my Australian Shepherd loves frisbee, so I’m looking for some explanation of things on the net.

  • hÏhi_I_fÉEl_so_löñêlý_tóÐÂY

  • You hit it on the head. You have to make good throws. I just started with our 6 month old red heeler. We do it for a few weeks and the first thing I learned is that I must constantly make good throws. If the trap bar will catch them.

  • I must say that this great good work

  • I wonder, what do I need the weight of the Frisbee to my dog? Or is it not evil? I have a Finnish Lapphund, and he’s a little cautious and has never chased or caught a frisbee for. Anyone have an idea? 🙂 I love your vid btw, soo good!

  • I love your videos, they get me super siked! Our Zoey is a girl playing hard when it comes to disks. Teaching her to chase and catch was not a problem, but I play disc golf and have her learn when NOT to pursue them, LOL. She was just a year old now so going to start working more on the jump tricks. It’s amazing how quickly they learn. I just got my first video in a few quick steps we call turn & burn. I try to use it in an attempt to wear down. Look for more of Zoey soon.

  • That makes me more and more excited, because I see the potential of my Kallie ACD! We are working on beginner stuff now.

  • Excellent!

  • That is sick! I wish I had the patience to train my heeler these amazing tricks! 4:24 is sweet!

  • That is sick! I wish I had the patience to train my heeler these amazing tricks!

  • wow, I have nothing but hope for my girl in our training. She does not really like the frisbee as much, but loves dancing! They will do all of the dancing tricks you do with your boys, but just started the leg thing. They will krijgen.Bedankt for the inspiration.

  • omg that’s amazing just started the other day with my 9 1/2month old acd shes got the hang of it really fast, but ive got a heck of a long way to go to were even 10% as good as you wantin other acd but hard to get here than

  • Wow Where did you go to school frisbee throwing! lol, you’re talented too! I love your dog! looking forward to my first this week! I can not wait.

  • I just got a Blue Heeler, I want him to learn how some of the tricks you do, there is no reading materials or suggestions you could give me? You need a training video.

  • I have nothing but respect for you and your ACDs.

  • I would like some links for the discs have!

  • all my Cattledog like doing is going to work just play with everything: (

  • I bet that you look at the dancefloooorrrr

  • I loved those dogs and their handlers opened expressed concern for their welfare to see. Highest quality training for what is important to me. The dog, the dog, the dog. It is our hobby and our responsibility. Thank you! Greetings from Switzerland

  • You’re awesome! Make instructionsvideos sum so we beginners can start teching some cool tricks 🙂

  • Awesome!

  • WOW: D I love 4:24 he’s just a blur.

  • Thats right awesome … I just got a cattle dog puppy. He looks a lot like raccoon connection. hes 2 months old and is very smart, and he loves all disks

  • I smiled all the way through it – completely mesmorising

  • made me smile!

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