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Dog Training Tip: Do not say ‘Stay’

Dog Training Tip: Do not say ‘Stay’. Hit yellow ‘subscribe’ button on the right. Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit Dog Training Franchise BV, explains in this video how to make your dog much better by not using the command ‘Stay’. Fred explains that ‘Sit Means Sit’ and it …

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  • I have trained several Labs and one hand in my time. I started we learned that Sit Means Sit, this was long before the Internet. If you tell your dog to sit and it gets up and moves, it will not sit. If you want him to make the seating position gives him an assignment then back down to him, he just become frozen to the ground, it’s like you say NO then 2 seconds later by another say NO. I agree with Fred.

  • pour un chien d’arrêt il est tres facile the rester un certain temps complétement immobile et en plus avec une patte levee! arrêté alors un peu de tes raconter conneries Monsieur Fred Hassen, il est grand temps que le ménage face professionnel the vrai dans les amoureux the hummer!

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  • I use “sit” and “stay” as two different commands, because we have four seasons and the winter temperatures drop below 0 (C). Sitting on frozen ground is not good and not stand still is not very healthy.

  • Ur right. That’s like saying that I did not fall down upwards. I fell. Period.

  • It seems that it might be too strict a command definition for, say, a herding dog or bird dog. I mean, you would want the dog some latitude in its position and attitude to use, because the multitasking: watching you and the herd or game. You want a bird dog to stop, but you do not mind if it uses it’s instinct to bark at turning points or wandering sheep.

  • I do not want my dog ​​to have to sit in one place when I say stay. I would use a “stay” command if I want to go to the kitchen, but want my dog ​​to stay in the living room i dont care what position shes in, if she wants to lie on her back with her legs in the air they can, I want them to stay there and not to follow as they normally would. Back out walking his valuable, I take my dog ​​loose on the road while I ride my horse, when doing things like crossing a busy intersection I’m a stay command.

  • anyone noticed that this man does not blink?

  • brilliant. honest.

  • Makes sense to me.

  • I have trained professionally for nearly ten years, and I always tell my clients that they had to define what the command “sit” meant – or stay was implicitly or a separate command, etc. Your approach is clearer and addresses the issue more directly. I will be using it from now on. Thank you.

  • love it

  • you’re smart!

  • Ok Fred, I saw your video and it made good sense, so I started to do. One day I went to the basement and the dog started to follow me. I went to say stay, but caught me, and stopped to think of the job that I needed. I do not care if they wandered around on the ground, but she was not allowed to come with me, so sit down or not working. They know again if “we have to stay on this floor.” Now I have confused me so take me straight.

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  • I have a question. How do you train a submissive dog that submissively urinate when you’re trying to get him into something he does not want him in a sit (ect.) When im trying to teach him to do and so I show him what I want, He is pees.he 6 months old.

  • I am in the class of Sit Means Sit and I have the sit imprinted in my mind when my dog ​​I want him to stay. I have a Pit / Shar-Pei mix and he is very aggressive against white fuffly dogs and in class I always sit and stay, Darin tells me nope you tell your dog to sit means sit or lie not move unless I tell him …. I am correcting myself when I say STAY .. It is a no no word in the class now … Thanks for all your hard work in training me to train my dog!

  • Great explanation

  • More people need to understand this. Since our first dog, we have never trained a “stay”, while in the classes I hear “Stay, stay, do not move, stay, stay!” It is so intuitive to not need a stay command, but the concept is so ingrained now that people just use it all the time. Great video!

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