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Dog Training Tip- Leash Walking: Go Sniff and Marking

This exercise is great for dogs who are constantly crossing in front of their owners on walks to try to reach something to sniff. This video is also good for owners who have dogs who blow them off when they leave the house. By controlling access to real life rewards you can build your importance to your dog when outside of the house. Walks should not only be about exercise for dogs but about mental stimulation. During a walk you can give your dog permission to go sniff so that they can explore an area while you follow behind keeping the leash loose. When you are ready to move on, simply say Lets go and move on. For dogs that are markers you can teach them to walk by your side and then give them breaks to mark in appropriate areas. When the dog is walking on a loose leash at your side if they try to mark on something quickly move on while saying lets go before they get a chance. Then when you are at an appropriate area give your cue go sniff so they can sniff around and mark. Or if you prefer you can teach your dog to pee on cue. By teaching your dog that you can reinforce them with access to the environment, you can get your dog to listen to you out of the house even when you have no toy or treats. —– how to train leash walking, walking on leash, no pulling, teaching a dog where to pee on a walk, training a dog when to sniff, how to train a dog not to pull on a walk puppy training how to train a puppy obedience on a walk real life rewards using the environment as a

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  • what about a dog that wont walk. Zzzzz. how should i start the walk?

  • I have a 1 year old shiba, and she sniffs and pulls on the leash whenever we go out for walks. When i stop walking so that she doesn’t continue pulling on the leash, she will just continue sniffing and ignore me. She also has this annoying habit of lunging forwards when she needs to poo. We have a problem with identifying who’s alpha.. any tips on how to stop this? Does my dog need more exercise?

  • any advise on running with a dog? I have a 1+ yr old rescue. He loves to run with me but pulls exp when a rabbit is visible.

  • I really appreciate your videos on dog training and they help me in training my dogs, I like that you use only positive reinforcement.

  • do you have any advice for a dog that will walk fine then all of a sudden stop and wont move. she does this five minutes after leaving our apartment please help

  • Have you ever worked with service dogs?

  • Do you have a video that teaches how to train a dog to peee only when cued?

    Thank you very very much!!!

  • Do you have a video that teaches how to train a dog to pee only when cued?

    Thank you very very much!!!

  • Do you have a video that teaches how to train a dog to pee only when cued?

    Thank you very very much!!!

  • my dog pees in my bed. but i dont care

  • my 12 week old rough collie puppy just sits on the ground and wont move 🙁 any way i can stop this?

  • My puppy hates her leash! I am going to PetsMart tomorrow to buy her a harness.

    Also, she wouldn’t potty. When she wasn’t fighting she was just sitting. I had to pick her up and bring her back into the house. When I did that she ran to my bedroom and peed! How do I train her to potty outside or to at least try?

  • is it okay for dogs to mark in their own yard? or will they be aggressive to visitors? my german shepherd started to mark on walks, but i won’t let him so he doesn’t do it anymore unless he caught me off guard. my pitbull doesn’t mark, but when he has to pee, he has to pee and it wasn’t a quik spray, it was long so i know he has to pee.

  • Do you mind if i post some of your vids on Pitbull chat forums,
    I would like to show ppl how great you are! 😀

  • thanks for sharing great tip. I will try this with my puppy

  • I’ve got two doggies that I walk together. One trains very well using clicks and treats. The other does okay with click-and-treat most of the time, but when we are out walking he is utterly indifferent to the tastiest treats. His reward is “Go sniff,” and it works great. He has learned to give me just a hint that he wants to go sniff something, rather than trying to screech to a stop.

  • I have a bullmastiff name Memphis and he isn’t a sniffer nor a marker. When we walk he simply stays by myside an stops when I stop but soon as we enter petsmart all bets are off for atleast 10mins till he calms down any advice?


  • lirl, my dog knows “let’s go” very well, so when you said it in the video she looked at me with her ears perked like, “we’re goin’ somewhere? where we goin’? you gettin’ up? hello-oo?”

    another great thing about the “go sniff” reward is that they eventually get bored of sniffing, and would rather walk instead.

  • Woah…. You have an easy to train search dog.

  • how do you teach the dog go sniff??? And pea on command??

  • Excellent walking video, thank you :)

  • 5*s! Excellent tutorial, Emily!

  • You had mentioned this to me a while ago, so I’ve been using the method for more than a year now, and it works splendidly. I even use it on my friends dog, since he’s used to her letting him mark anytime he likes, and he’s totally cool with the tug and a ‘let’s go!’. I don’t think it’s polite to let a dog relieve themselves on peoples plants, lawns, or on public sidewalks. Mi is completely cool with waiting until we get to the park. thanks Em.

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