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Dog Training Tip of the Day- Adding a Verbal Cue

kikopup asked:

This is my dog training tip of the day for today. It is a continuation of the last tip. In this video you will learn how to add a verbal cue to a behavior that you taught with a hand signal. There are three easy steps to teaching a Verbal Cue: Step 1: Give the hand signal 5-10 times to help the dog predict what you will ask next. Step 2: Say the Verbal Cue BEFORE you move a muscle to do the Visual Cue Step 3: Put time between your new Verbal Cue and your Visual Cue. Wait the dog out and see …


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  • Merrilee

    yay for tip of the day!

    Whenever Mi offers other behaviors I have trouble remaining silent; it’s so darn cute that I start to giggle and want to hug her up.

  • Malcom

    Great video!! Any chance you do a vid on whistle training? Ive been charing this like you do a clicker, how do develop it outside especailly around other dogs, they are responding well indoors now

  • Jenelle

    Very nicely demonstrated!
    (But shouldn’t “Obama” be a cue for spin to the LEFT? 🙂

  • Addie

    these tips are so important for those who want to start on clicker training, thanks!

  • Billy

    Great tip Emily!! Kiko is such a smart girl =o) 5* ~Heather and Jesse~

  • Vivan

    Awesome video! Kiko is so freakin’ fast with the spinning!

  • Laronda

    Another great video. 5* BTW, love your hair. 🙂

  • Eleni


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