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Dog Training Tip of the Day-Tugging with your dog

In this short video tip, I’ll go over how to reduce arousal toys by only letting the dog toys when not more than aroused. This video also goe … Video Rating: 4/5

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  • You need to go back and do this exercise with a lower value toy so he knows the behavior first. Then work your way up to a higher value toys and use higher value rewards.

  • It helps to have a very high value reward in conjunction with the toys to go “dead”. or still in possession. Start training with a less interesting toys and train your way to more if he is successful.

  • Use a toy that a barrier between you and the dog. Meanwhile, you can train a fall before he too close to your hands. Game stops when it hits your skin is.

  • My dog ​​has an annoying habit of slowly (secretly) moving further his teeth on the toy until it’s where my hand, so I either let go (and he wins) or he gets my fingers. He managed to break my finger to do this lol, so I was wondering how you teach them to do that?

  • You could play with him too much. Dogs get bored of things. As apple pie was your favorite thing in the world, and then ate the 3 meals a day every day, eventually you hate apple pie. Try playing for only a few minutes a few times a week, make the game fast and leuk.Als that does not work, try try the toy on a string and drag it on the ground, it will take away some of the pressure and bring more prey, when he had attained, slowly work your way up the string.

  • Can not wait to try this! My puppy will not let go of toys. I’ll give him a new toy and tug it out only for training!

  • Our dog is super strong and take FOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER to get the toys! How can you do this so easily?

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  • Hello, my 2 year old Vizsla loves playing tug and will only occasionally leave the toy on command for a treat or another toy. But sometimes (more so with other relatives) he managed to listen, growling louder (not aggressive) than normal and pulling harder as he was in that state of excitement he will not listen to the command, or interested in other toys or treats. What should I do if this happens? Let go of the toy and the end of the game and try again later, or is the counter product

  • Your videos are so informative!

  • That’s cool I love that I will try that

  • not really, because the video says you “never want to build excitement over”. The dog is hardly pulling the toys before they stop the game because he was “too excited”. Many breeds, like my JRT are very irritable and fierce tug and growl while doing so. It does not mean that he is aggressive, it just means that he is very much in the game. The key is to teach your dog a reliable “off” or “drop” command, not to have to constantly worry that the dog is getting “too excited”.

  • I can not even get my dog ​​to mouth traditional tug toy, or build interest in those toys, but she is very interested in balls. I recently had a ball tug toy that they stick to, but she refuses to pull, I pull gently or shake the toy and she just puts her ears back to look at me. How do I get her to pull back and have a good game to play

  • hello! I’th like to get some help with the tricks “take”, “handstand”, “put it away” PLZ: D

  • Decent video on the introduction of tug games to an untrained dog and a novice dog owner, but any well trained dog will voluntarily give or drop, regardless of the state of “excitement”.

  • Good video, Emily – I’m going to share with my students.

  • A well trained dog is a joy.

  • for how long do we have to continue to give treats … we must gradually reduce the frequency of my dog ​​just captures the cue, and not every time treat expect? please reply.

  • “T-dog”? Because he has only one front limbs and thus looks a bit like a T?

  • Does anyone else watch this video with Tugging meaning masturbate?

  • You can “finish the game” by not playing!

  • I know that you train your dog to special tricks and other such operations, but you can train them not to bite or not to be aggressive, while around other dogs or people?

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