Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog Training Tricks – “Beg” Learn how to teach your dog the cool dog trick “Beg”. Using a target stick, clicker and your dogs most favorite treats you can use the “Beg” step-by-step to build. Please note that your dog will need to be familiar with the target stick (targeting) and clicker to be trained up in the video. Dog tricks are the best fun you can have with your dog – have fun! Grab your free, content packed email newsletter here: Video Rating: 4/5

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  • what kind of treats can I give my puppy? seems like I saw cheese cubes on your first vid

  • The dog will be like a barrel by the time he `s trained but with all the treats

  • OMG! Macy’s soo cute “

  • She is a really smart dog 🙂 I’m jealous.

  • I was looking through your videos, they are really very good! but can you get one on how to teach a dog to speak? please

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • Your dog is soooo CUTE! But I am totally biased, because he / she looks exactly like my Shih-Tzu LOL … except that my Angel has a bumblebee-shaped gray markings on her back 🙂

  • Smart Dog! Why not on cue – call it a “good sit” and make sure you reinforce the behavior.

  • my dog ​​started attually natural pose, but I do not call it begging i call it sit nicely 🙂

  • if I run out of addresses I use chesse my dog ​​loves chesse

  • I would go with clicker if I were you – all dogs love clicker training and respond brilliantly aan.Zorg sure that you are consistent in your training, provide lots of feedback to your dog, keep training sessions short, sharp and focused and also use treats that your dog houdt.Al the best with your Shih-Tzu, they are great little dogs.

  • how did you train your shih tzu, because I’m getting one in a few months and I want to start right when you see him / her

  • Very interesting. We get a Chihuahua on September 18 They will then 8 weeks and we will be able to take her home. I first want to start potty training … Is the “Clicker” a good way to train with that?

  • Im suscribing you!

  • Hi – thanks for your kind reacties.Mij and Macy went through the steps needed to “Beg” over a period of two weeks to learn. This involved many short 2-3 minute sessions per dag.Al the best with your dog.

  • your dog is so cute! She looks like an Ewok as begging. I have a fat Lhasa Apso and she looks like a buddah as begging lol. How long has your dog to beg? : D

  • all dogs do that it’s not the same.

  • lol my dog ​​already knows how to beg, but in the different way she just looks at you cutly

  • shih-tzu aww

  • Shih-Tzu’s are cute but im not much for small dogs

  • You can be my one if you wilt.Maar one grapje.Shih-Tzu’s are pretty cool dogs though.

  • Dammit I wish I had a dog now.

  • It all depends on your dog and your skills as trainer.Op the long term it does not matter how long it takes to teach a new trick or behavior. The important thing is to have fun with it and enjoy the process.

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