Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dog Training Tutorial: Building Contact with eyes and forget?

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  • When you start training your dog?

  • My puppy is just after the hand, because she knows that is where the food comes from any pointers?

  • I have the same equipment as you: a female German shepherd and a piece of tape. but the end is different: my dog ​​ate the tape!

  • Dude, you’re good. click on Subscribe.

  • What does the clicker thing to do?

  • he looks like Salman khan lol

  • e collar

  • This may mean that your dog does not eat motivated. Maybe praise him every time (in a happy voice and petting him leave) or play justified (pulling a toy, but this must be the dog to find the ‘to’ COMAND). Eating the grass which is a good question that I wish I knew the awnser to …

  • hey tab, if I start clicker training with my puppy in the beginning when I am charging the clicker and give him a treat after each click, he always walks away and lose interest after the second klik.indien it makes no difference that he was an eight-week old German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mixPostscriptum + How can I make him loose interest in eating everything on the grass outside?

  • nice man, good work 🙂

  • You are the freaking best!

  • @ @ Vidform vidform Actually by not looking dog in the eyes that you encourage undesirable behavior, because it is a sign of his submissive. Making eye contact and maintain it shows the dog that you are the “alpha,” and thus will be more willing to follow you and obey what you want him or her. Believe me, makes eye contact training SOO much easier 🙂

  • almost all pet stores carry them these days. There are different styles, I perfer ones with buttons instead of my finger in a hole.

  • I have one of those belts that stretch and recoil. Are they worse than the simple rope which, for the training?

  • Nada, a tu lado Paulov fliparía!

  • I had a subscription’m an Army dog ​​handler to thank you for helping me man you expert thank you 🙂

  • Great work! Thank you!

  • at any pet store were you buy the food or online

  • Hello, I have a 10 week old female english bulldog. We got her for over a week now. She is teething, but we have lots of special toys for her. The problem I have with her is that they become aggressive and bite my arms or feet instead of her toys. By her side is a toy, but she jumps to bite me and does not go to, then she gets angry and bites and jumps in my aggression. What should I do to please her.? Thanks

  • I have a German Shepherd dog and she was really trainned Pratic and then stepped out with her because I am lazy. Now she thinks that they are much smarter than me and no longer seems to me for my long story short hair approvel Tunnle Vison terrible if she sees a squrril or whatever I have no contorl littlery! they stop listeing help!

  • I always thought it a bad thing to make eye contact with a dog. I thought it was confrontational and the dog may attack you. I always avoided looking dogs in the eyes.

  • I have a 1 year old German sherpherd do u think I can still train him becuz if he sees that he get excited and start jumping on me. what treats you give your dog

  • German Shepherd as mine

  • you call it “Puppy” or “Babby” or what?

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