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Dog Training – Walking on leash

Learn how to walk your dog on leash. Discover what to do at the end of your walks. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I have the same command, but I use ”Freedom!”. Started as a joke, lol… Now everytime I let her off leash to run around I´╗┐ yell ”Freedooooom!” and she runs off to play, haha! Always makes people laugh. ­čÖé

  • OMG I was just walking my dog and wondering how to let him know that since we are home, he no longer has to walk by my sides. You answered my question as though you were here in my living room. Your dog seemed so normal, not like the “highly´╗┐ trained” dogs other videos use.

  • @Darthbelal´╗┐
    Yeah, but there’s a difference between a good dog and a pre-programmed dog.

  • hey my name is whitney i am 14 years old. i recently got a GSD.. for an early christmas gift. ive always wanted one. she is 4 months old. i am trying to teach her leash walking. not very successful. please any tips would be´╗┐ much appreciated. thanks, whitney.

  • im gettting a baby Pomeranian, ive never seen them on´╗┐ a leash – are they not very active outdoors? and what age shuld i start the leash training?

  • hi my dog is a 8 mo old bull terrier mix
    he is okay in walking he will sometimes try to pull
    i tryied heel but i think he dosent get it
    i need to know a way to get him to understand what in means better´╗┐ same with break!

  • @itzamariecole mines 11 months and 110. you should have and should still be walking him every day. theres no leash law where i live and mine hasnt been on´╗┐ a leash since he was 6 months its all about positive reinforcement. if you have to, start in your back yard or some where fenced in so you know he wont be able to run off. then dont discipline him for doing bad things but reward him when he does what you want. it wont take long before you notice a difference.

  • @itzamariecole ok. I love rotties. The more u don’t take him out, the more hyper he is. I would reccomend using a Gentel leader or prongcollar. I use both for my dog. Works gr8. Another thing, when he pulls, stop walking until he stops, looks at u and there is slack in the leash. Plz reply if this is helpful. oh, and u can talk 2 ur local shelter about what they think would be the best training tool 4´╗┐ ur dog. hope this is helpful!

  • @aeilenor exactly. i stop walking´╗┐ when my small dog pulls. nicely said.

  • @Darthbelal Great comment.´╗┐

  • @umurcan96 pitbull aka am´╗┐ staff

  • @aeilenor Id say thats making a dog more dominant than you.´╗┐ Right?

  • @aeilenor Exactly. I think for the tougher cases standing still works better than going the´╗┐ other way. You want to reward a loose leash, but if you have a puller and you start pulling in the other direction you’ll never get a loose leash to reward.

  • hi what´╗┐ breed is champ

  • Hi! ­čÖé
    I have an spirit and lovely rottweiler, 10 months old and 71 pounds! Huge i know … the thing is that he is a semi-trained dog but i haven’t been able to make him walk with the leash properly, he pulls´╗┐ too hard and drag me around the street, so i have stop taking him out because i’m afraid he might run out, hurt me or hurt himself ,so do you recommend me any special technique for him?

    I would love to take my dog to the park and be in control of him!

  • can someone help me ugh i have a little pitbull shes about 3 months and im trying to get her to walk on´╗┐ leash but she wont she keeps pulling and trying to get out of the leash and wont walk ­čÖü

  • @Thewaterofthepool For starters get a harness that doesn’t choke. I´╗┐ use both an Easy Walker and a collar, and attach the leash to both D-rings. That prevents neck injuries. Refuse to pull or be pulled, absolutely, all the time, no exceptions. Turn around and go the other way, or stop and “become a tree.” The instant the leash is loose, mark the glorious event with a click or attaboy, and follow up with a treat dropped BY YOUR SIDE. This video shows how: /watch?v=sFgtqgiAKoQ

  • that makes so much sense.´╗┐

  • Awesome´╗┐ Advice

  • this is very good information. don’t let the dog stop you, only you can make the dog stop cause if the dog stop to sniff on the ground, you’ll never know if he really has to go or just marking his territory. i didn’t know anything about this when i had my dog.´╗┐ now i’m ready to get another dog and learn from my mistakes.

  • Good point.´╗┐

  • Good idea.´╗┐

  • How do you teach´╗┐ the dog to ‘break’?

  • You need to put your dog in a controlled, calm environment to give him a chance to succeed. Alot of owners, who don’t have leash-trained dogs, throw their dogs into the big world (full of stimulus´╗┐ and excitement) and expect them to know how to cope. Try walking your dog inside the home, and praising him for not tugging on the leash. When he’s confortable and confident with that, move it to the backyard. One step at a time, set your dog up for success!

  • OMG…I have the same issue with´╗┐ my schnauzer…she is great with all her other commands..but walkin on a leash is a nightmare!!!! tried everything!!

  • Beautiful´╗┐ work babe…^_^

  • Your dogs are gorgeous. Thank´╗┐ you so much for all the hard work you do.

  • what songs do you use for canine´╗┐ freestyle? ­čÖé

  • I really appreciate your videos, Emily. Thank you so´╗┐ much for this! I’ll make donations when I can!

  • Emily who is the manufacturer of your bait bag? It looks like´╗┐ it will stay super wide open which is what I need. You’re my hero!

  • This is great Emily! How long should you practice this training until you can teach´╗┐ another dog new tricks whilst the others are being calm? I’m trying to train my neighbours dog that comes over to play time but doesn’t know any basic obedience.

  • I love your videos, helped´╗┐ me a lot with my pup!

  • That was so FUN!!! I’ve been having trouble lately with both dogs getting excited while the other is working since their overall interest in training has increased. It was great to take a step back from training a trick,´╗┐ and instead focus on this. You are absolutely right, I swung my arm fast, and that was too much for Q, off the couch he came. But five minutes later, he was able to go as far as me rocking in a chair, and knocking at the door. Good good happy training ; }

  • Sigh, you make it look so easy, but you have good info. I’ve been working on similar techniques with my two, but haven’t been using a target mat´╗┐ for the dog sitting things out. Think I will start adding that. Now that I see your training, I can see how in the beginning it helps to have the waiting dog doing a behavior that is tied to location rather than just a random sit or down stay.

    Do you tell the dogs to stay?

  • Another amazing´╗┐ job!

  • And another great video, Emily. People often ask me how I train multiple´╗┐ dogs – and you made this great , easy to follow description – Thank you! Again a vid I can share with a clear conscience !

  • I use a similar method when working with my own dogs and clients’ dogs, Emily. Nice video´╗┐ tutorial!

  • @kikopup I understand, thanks!
    That clears up a couple things I was wondering about.
    See´╗┐ you next time!

  • Kiko is so cute!! I love how Splash is about to fall asleep with her head down just lounging while the´╗┐ others have their heads up watching! Great video, Emily!

  • Great video as usual, although it made me a little sad that my´╗┐ rescue doesn’t get along with other dogs. She’s getting much better tolerating them though!

  • I know and miss the times there, I would love to come back to Malm├Â. In earlier years I went there about 3-4 times a year as´╗┐ my farmor lived there and lots of relatives. Hope the restrictions for dogs will change and I can make it again.

  • @kikopup´╗┐ Basically this is the second time I have seen Mia and don’t know her owners cues- so it was a little bit of acting to show other steps and not just beginning ones. Since it was her first time she should have got a treat most likely, but I wanted to show that you can take a gamble. I think its worth raising criteria quickly and screwing up a little then getting trapped on the same level of criteria forever causing frustration and anxiety for the dog when you raise it too quick

  • @dogdewdogschool Well, basically I was doing bad training. I was using my dogs cues on a dog that did not know my cues, I was “pretending” for the video that Mia knew´╗┐ the cue jump up and down (verbalizing what I was doing with luring). With my dogs if they look confused or distracted I will repeat the cue, but then not reinforce it.

  • @PapillonsFrankfurt Its because its super warm´╗┐ in our apartment, heat= happiness to little chihuahuas!

  • @pamelamarxsen I will tell you how to do the links, you should have them! Because you have so many series!´╗┐ I miss you too!

  • @littlewhitedaisy11 It’s whatever you like. I usually release Kiko first if I think another dog will bash her on the way down. As I go into the room´╗┐ with the clicker they all jump on the couch, ready, so I dont have to send them up- then I just choose who goes first. I think its better that they never know who is going when, it creates variety (which can make behaviors stronger)

  • @Silivr1 more like swedish indoor heaters!´╗┐ ­čÖé Its warm in our apartment so Kiko is more up and about and lively- where in california it was hot outside, cool inside and so she was either in her heated bed or shivering. A lot of my videos Kiko has her tail between her legs (her way of keeping warm) and as you can see here her tail sometimes is up because its warm enough! Congrats on your new puppy!!!!!!!

  • @PapillonsFrankfurt Swedish air works´╗┐ wonders with you. ­čśë

  • When you release the dogs from the sofa do´╗┐ you choose them at random or have an order for a reason ?

  • I love this video! I do this too! HEHE! So awesome that you thought of doing a video for it. ­čÖé I am also´╗┐ so impressed with your new links. I can’t even figure out how to get one link on my videos much less with a cool thumbnail. YOU ROCK! ­čÖé We miss you! ­čÖé Twix came running into my office to see you. ­čÖé

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