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Splash the Border Collie is the most amazing dog in the world. My brother wrote the song in the video for her. She is not only the smartest dog in the world, but the most caring dog I know. Splash is always there for me when I feel down. I train Splash and all my other dogs using Progressive Reinforcement Training, which means that training without any form of physical or psychological intimidation. This means that I always have the dogs up for success, and if they fail, I know it’s because I screwed up, so instead of telling my dogs “no” or “eh eh” I change the way I train, so the dogs learn correctly. By doing this, my dogs can always choose not to do something. But actually, my dogs always choose to work for me (except for one day when Splash was very ill and in not wanting to trick I found out about her illness to do). This type of training is very important if you train tricks, because if your dog feels put under pressure to do tricks because of social pressure, your dog may not “say” as a trick which he hurt, or if requested many tricks in a row. I think this is the most ethical, safe and reliable way, not only train training tricks, but for behavioral training. Splash used to be very reactive towards all people and all dogs after being attacked by a dog as a puppy. With time and effort Splash first learned to trust me, and you feel confident in themselves. Now she is a very nice, sociable dog. My youtube channel contains Video Rating: 4/5

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  • 2:00 You’re a great dog trainer What made me feel like a great dog trainer is when I learned my cocker spaniel puppy sitting and lying, I slowly faded hand signal to my index finger goes up slightly for ‘sit’ and slightly lower for ‘lie’. And it worked without a verbal cue! My dog ​​was great!

  • apple sucks lol your videos are cool but

  • I know it sounds crazy, but my old lab could command on eye movements, so I definitely think this is possible πŸ™‚

  • I’ve heard that because dogs communicate through body language they can actually hand signals (or body) signals better than vocal commands leren.Mijn dogs know both vocal commands and hand signals. If they ever are deaf or I’m doing a joke I can tell you that they do things. I usually do not hand signals to teach, they are simply what is left when I drew my dogs during training and reduced the lure part.

  • hand signals would be good for a deaf mute dogs or people πŸ™‚

  • “I really have no friends in real life” lol

  • And when I mean, I mean friendship, not her (my sharpei dog named Java) πŸ™‚

  • Get her attention by using something that they like to play with, such as a freesbie or chew toys, and then let her know that you are the one who will bring such nice goods to her, reward her as she is beautiful , and mean it, always double or triple the positive attitude to achieving stimuleren.Als to something undesirable happens, stand still and do not reward her, takes patience, but eventually they give up and do the right do!

  • I’m not the kind of friendship when I’m with my dog, so it taught me a whole new concept about friendship and since then I can say I’m not that kind of friendship as well, all in all, brother, we have our dogs, and they are the best friends we have, and if dogs could they definitely want you on facebook too … πŸ™‚

  • Hi, I had the same problem with my dog. He is a black lab. What I did is I first would teach him in a quiet room, or a room with few distractions. Then slowly advance it in places with a few more distractions every time … I finally got to the point where we could be next to a fanfare and he would listen to me. πŸ™‚ Hope I helped!

  • HOLY SHIT This video is fairly recent! : DDDDDDD!

  • Hi I’m trying to train by Labrador but inst respond to my commands what do you recommend that I should do? She is 5 months old.

  • Large

  • Zak, I have a 12 week old Border Collie, I taught him a few things in the week I saw him, he can sit, lie down, and shake. He is great and attentive at home but when I go to the park he completely freezes, and he is afraid of loud noises, is there anything I can do to help him relax in public? Thank you

  • Bahaha! man who was good as Nova comes waddling as “yes father?”

  • I took my puppy and she taught us by “make”, where a treat under ur feet and say let it wait, they can smell it and once they stop or look away and then you give them the treat. my dog ​​has taken to this method very effective way

  • There is even a DVD about teaching ASL to dogs, called “mimic mutt”.

  • Hi Zak (and everyone else seeing this), search for the user alishamcgraw and watch her video called Deaf Dog ASL, where they show the viewers what signs she uses for her two deaf dogs, Rocket and Coco . Very interesting!

  • im trained my dog ​​ASL

  • 2:18 rofl!


  • you’re probably about 12 years old

  • Any ideas on how to help teach my dog ​​”dropping” it, like a ball sock shoe paper or a toy or something else. we went to training class but he does not seem to get it. maybe theres a different approach. HELP!

  • Hihihi! I just read your comment RyuukiCho and it happened right after. Guffawing.Hoe could not stop, I’ve always wondered why on earth dog trainers not only learn American Sign Language their dogs in the first place, in order to make training a dog more universal. ASL is used throughout the world, why not for dogs everywhere in the world. It would be the added advantage of being able to get a little, well, you know ASL Anyway, that was not a question, but a little frustration is all.

  • I love how you say, “Nova, come here, Buddy!” and he casually enters SO CUTE. I always hand signals with my dog. Sometimes I do not even use words when I ask him a job. I read somewhere that dogs actually learn first hand signals before they learn the word commands – but that would depend on the individual dog, I’m sure.

  • Splash awesome, wish I had the time to do all these tricks will work on some wel.Bedankt for sharing.

  • Splash is a smart dog and your right she is amazing

  • She is cute

  • That’s a smart dog

  • Would you say Splash is smarter than the average Border Collie or you’re a great coach?


  • That is awesome!

  • Splash is so awesome!

  • So dogs that are trained for service and protection are overtrained? It is thus necessary to dogs mental stimulation, but the average pet gets almost none. Is that OK? So instead of training her dogs for protection and detection or service they are doing tricks. No different. When you train your dog, you give your dog an enriched life.

  • He’s cute, but my favorite dog is my dog ​​zoey unfortunate deceased

  • Poor animal. About trained dogs are like robots. A bit is ok for them to be safe and to live with people, but this is completely over the top. Let dogs themselves.

  • Haha, I think I might have to disagree with you, but we will disagree. , D Splash is your most amazing dog. Lobo is my most wonderful dog. <3Hoera for MOST AMAZING dogs trained with progressive GAIN!

  • The reason Splash is the most wonderful dog in the world is that Emily is the most amazing dog trainer in the world!

  • Your 4 legged companions are blessed with such a special, beautiful, compassionate woman in their life πŸ™‚ blessings to you my darling have …

  • I want to download this song. Is it availible on iTunes or something?

  • Wow, great job!

  • I think “The most amazing dog in the world” is an understatement. Splash is the most amazing DOG IN THE UNIVERSE!

  • really, really good! greetsSpieleIdeenfuerHunde

  • great, great, great! : D

  • Splash is great and so are you! I hoped that in the U.S. If you are interviewed by an American writers or journalists? I would like more information about Splash and your other dogs to learn. I would also like to buy your brother’s song. I can not stop singing it! Is it available on iTunes or anywhere else, so I can download? Thank you for sharing your dog and your training methods with us! πŸ™‚

  • Can you direct me to the video where you learn not to splash the Frisbee that goes on the road.

  • Can you direct me to the video where you learn not to splash the Frisbee that goes on the road. Thanks

  • Can you direct me to the video where you learn not to splash the Frisbee that goes on the road. Thanks

  • Can you direct me to the video where you learn not to splash the Frisbee that goes on the road. Thanks

  • Can you direct me to the video where you learn not to splash the Frisbee that goes on the road. Thanks

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