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Dog Tricks-nine months

Splash! practicing some new tricks. Retrieve a tissue, learning to back up and then turn around and back up through my legs. Sustained nose targeting for contact obstacles in agility, as the seesaw. Please if someone advice about my agility training please leave comments! I dont really know what Im doing when it comes to agility. The same goes with Frisbee! Weave poles came in the mail, and love them. 🙂 We try ‘tight’ (heel) with me swinging my arms instead of a hand glued to my side. Splash masters jump into my arms. I love this trick, but the day I trained them jump into someone else’s arms uninvited! hehe! Now it is under stimulus control, whew! Finally Splash and I find a way to sneak into a High School lunch area and have a blast rummaging in the field with no one around. 🙂 For the “back by” learning I copied marclicker s technique and Hechiasia videos With kiko I tried to learn how other people have and in this way made more sense! The music is “Punk Rock Girl by the Dead Milkmen dog tricks puppy tricks border collie tricks dog obedience puppy tricks training tricks amazing cool funny dog ​​tricks Video Rating: 4/5


I’m training with the package. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • Emily, you do what you get flying discs? I want the fabric ones like you have, the hard ones I’m afraid break my puppies teeth …

  • That’s not really an appropriate comment. Emily trains her dog to do tricks which naturally calls for a band, but if you look at other serious trainers, we all do the same things as her. Are we all have sex with our dogs now?

  • I have one, but she seems fun lazy as hell .. nothing works as a reward .. shes only interested if for one minute or add sets in. .. lmao

  • Cuanto tiempo atrás 🙂

  • I love your videos I have 2 border collie aussie mix and your videos have helped me jeans arn’t bad ither wink! Keep up the good work I think splash is awsome looking border collie.

  • Simpatica que tan pequeña Splash!

  • how the target group to move the hand to a diff purpose, every time I say he gets hit my hand and not the new target?

  • I just love your videos! They help me so much in teaching my students!

  • Thank you!

  • Gosh! Splash looks so airy in this video, and maybe a little overweight?

  • I wish I could just youtube videos would be really cool to make. At some point I will do a recall vid.

  • Only two .. but one day more 🙂

  • that is so cool. how many dogs do you have?

  • a recall video would be super!

  • was passing a long the trick my dog ​​you will do all you will love it thanx just click on my name to see it

  • Had to favorite this video :). More trick video Splash!

  • 1 ask a Expert2-do not forget your puppy to strengthen during the lesson for ‘doing nothing’ in between exercises, so pop a treat in her mouth as she hanging out quietly beside you. Dont wait until she was lunging at another dog to start giving information. message me for meer.Ook working on a pleasure when you are sitting (check out my video How to train your dog to: lay at your feet at a cafe)

  • walmart area for children

  • omfg where did you get your tunnel? are so beautiful! : D

  • I was wondering how to train your dog. I taught my dog ​​how to sit down and roll. He never listens when I do not eat in my hand and id I do he does everything in a row. He sees food and he sit, lie down and roll over all together. Also, what kind of treats your dog?

  • In my opinion both! If you have to be creative when things do not work out.

  • I loved the video 🙂 I’ve been meaning to ask you … do you believe that dog training is an art or a science? Ashley & Kaine

  • Thank you!

  • beutyfull comunication with your dog, congratulations!

  • Splash sends her thanks. I wish I could take lessons! Yes, they work for just about anything, even a blade of grass.

  • That’s nice. 🙂

  • I knew the part about pitbulls are police dogs already, that’s why I said the comment, but thanks for the extra info 🙂

  • There are actually many pit bulls as police dogs.

  • nicely done!

  • great training. my two favorite breeds

  • good work sir! I will post a video response or two of my work for checking your other videos! keep up the good work! and please check out my vids too!

  • Awesome task of training your dog!

  • Good choice for training. Bully dogs are easy to train. They tend to be very approving look, and keep His great love slobs. They are also very smart. However, you have to watch them around other animals. They will fight. They love people, but they do not trust other animals. For this reason, it is usually easier to just have a bull dog. Do not let this deter adoption of a. They are wonderful, loving and loyal companions that are easy to train!

  • Great video! I am adopting a bully breed mix (I will never know whether he is well or staffy mix) and I want him to obedience train.

  • Yes, pitbulls’ natural aggression is compared to other animals, but not humans. And it is possible a pitbull rid of animal aggression by socializing puppyhood.

  • Cool video. They are smart dogs.

  • I think that Pit Bulls were great police dogs. The cinnamon colored one in the video has some resistance training. A game breed pit would be an excellent police dog. They tend to be quite small, but are very hardy and not quickly opgeven.Wees careful …

  • lol on ladys first U must love dogs hey at least you have enough protection and in my opinion I think pitbulls better police dogs make 2 more would they put fear into the criminal / suspect

  • I agree with you. I have found that they are very easy to train. They just want approval. They train more than GSD’s in my ervaring.Wees careful.

  • Thank you!

  • I think pitbulls are one of the most intellegent breeds of dogs just do not relize the world, but this vid proves it a bit, she was the first to respond

  • Bedankt.Ik obviously very limited camera skills, but thanks for the compliment.

  • Great vid ..

  • no ino, grill dogs tho lol, fanx 4 the advice

  • Some Pit Bulls do not become aggressive animal until later in life. Animal aggression is quite normal for Pit Bulls. Human aggression is not. Your dog may be territorial and intends to protect his property and owner. If there is any doubt, do not let him around visitors. It’s just not worth the risk.

  • he isint animal agresive as ino tha much, he just doseint as strain gers, though he wont just growl at them 4 noffink, as thay walk 2 him a try stroke him he doseint like, or say the post man he doseint people like cumin up 2 the house, ino wha u think tho Eney than breed it wuld be considerd ok but becose wa he is he needs wachin a ino av seen good show, he wa sed on 1 i fink he is scird ov people cumin up 2 him, fanx Eney way m8

  • Pit Bulls can be aggressive animal. That’s pretty normal for them, but they should not people aggressive. You might want to “Dog Whisperer” TV show for instructions. You can also go to a professional trainer to see. You really do not want your dog bites someone. That would be bad for you and the breed in your area. We Pit Bull owners have much more responsibility than other owners. Best of luck. You can do it!

  • Thay are banned in England, but thay arnt in irlend so thay are importid about a now becose hi thir is such demand for them thay probly number of most breeds, well wir am from Eney away, Well I have a one he A dog grate, exacly wa u want 2 say always with you, he gets on well with most dogs tho, he has a problem with strain gers tho has culd u tell me wha tha culd or if I culd fix it,

  • I would recommend that you look up puppy temperament tests on the web. They are not 100% accurate, but it will give you a pretty good idea of ​​their personality. I tested all of our dogs and the tests worked very well. I would avoid shy dogs. You might want to look into different nests, so you can make comparisons. It also helps to see both parents. When the shepherds, I would definitely want their hips x-rayed.

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