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Dogs in training police, is it human? Or did they beat the dog? (Just asked but I need to clarify the question)?

xapryl Question : Dogs In police training, is it human? Or did they beat the dog? (Just asked but I need to clarify the question)? My friend told me that they beat the dogs while in training police service dogs, is this true? Well my boss bought this guard dog dearly, he was trained for 2 years professionally as a guard dog – it was like a trained dog police.Je saw him hit the dog once because he did not mind him. It was not during a working session – it was only in his business office – so I made a comment to one of my colleagues … I told them that if I saw him strike the dog one more time im up to porte.Ensuite, my colleague said, “how do you think of these dogs have been trained?” They get beat to s ensure they do not let go when they bite until the handler gives the “off” command – etc. .. I beg to differ because I think if they beat the dogs to the form – then the rights of animals would not allow them to form these chiens.Si you can not please site a sourcemerci much for all your answers =) It helped me confirm that I am not crazy to believe that it was wrong for what he faitMeilleure response: Answer by

i work at a police station / fire (here they are together in one building) and we have police dogs – and they are not trained like that, they were trained physically, but not unkindly and most dogs police speak Dutch! this guy there was probably just say to his dog because he was frustrated – which is not right, you must bring it to him next time and compare

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  • they get beat … beating a dog is a bad way to train him to do what you want. Dogs that are abused suffer many psychological problems, and police do not want their dogs like that, they want their alert, attentive and intelligent. Do not believe rumors.

  • Be physical with the dog would be a part of training for sure. Not a malicious way, but to get them used to being beaten and kicked by the bad guy without letting go. If they do not go through such training, it would put them and their fellow officers in danger of man.

  • no, they do not fight dogs, and your boss is not good

  • I have no sources, but common sense would tell you they do not fly dogs in training. Besides the fact that abuse can cause undesirable results (such as dogs to be afraid, do not listen, turning on the trainer, etc.) I’m sure if it came out that it was regular practice to cops abuse their K-9 partners of all kinds of groups like the Humane Society would particularly since it. In fact, if someone abuses a K-9, it is considered the same that cop abusing a human and can cause charges …. so I’m sure no one is allowed to treat the dog badly.

  • Unfortunately, I used to be married to a K-9 officer. HA. They do not beat dogs to train them, I have been to many homes and trainers looked and I never once saw any evidence that the dog was abused. All dogs are capable of the work that police dogs do. They go through tons of dogs to find the bons.Il are also old old wives tales that drug dogs are drug addicts so they can detect drugs. They do not give drugs dogs!

  • Your friend has no idea what they are talking about! You must activate your boss in animal cruelty. Check the laws national Humane Society or your local police station will have all the necessary info on how they train their dogs. Some police stations are sending their dogs to be professionally trained and they train the dog not letting go until the manager allows the control. A man who works at my job security fixes old had a police dog old. All he had to do was to say things, not to hit or beat the dog, only words. Your boss is a moron and that the worker who stood up for him. You are right to think that this is wrong! You should find another job before you walk out.

  • They are not beaten. It would be dangerous to beat a dog trained to attack.

  • These dogs are not beaten, EVER! Your colleague is sadly misinformed and your boss is an idiot. If you see the kick or kick the dog again, contact the Humane Society before you walk out the door. Police, rescue, dogs and other specialized training are extremely intelligent and very well trained by professionals who do not resort to blows aversion training. Sorry. I can not link you. I do not know of any sites offhand, but you can Google for great results, I’m sure.

  • There is no reason to hit a dog and it is not a way to build the kind of trust necessary for the relationship of a working dog with his maître.Je recommends that you call your local agent animal control and describe what you witnessed. If your animal control officer does not think it’s worth a visit, then that is fine, but at least you have done your best by sharing information. I do not recommend that you discuss with your boss, because he does not seem natural or reasonable, and it does not look like it deserves consideration. In addition, it is your boss and he can retaliate against you blatant or subtle will not be pleasant. Anyway, that’s just my personal view about it – the part that is real advice is that you should report this person.

  • No. .. they do not fight dogs … they give awards .. the dog must also learn to stop by command – which will be in knowledge and not the manager of ours so that the public can not know how to order the dog .. it is often in another language. Maybe German. Perhaps some watchdogs trainers abuse – but those are the ones who ended up having to put down. Police put their lives in line with these mutual trust dogs must be involved. If the dog is beat kicks – I’d be asking too many questions … and maybe even call the Humane Society animaux.Ce is not how it’s going to say fait.Je – these dogs should not be pampered .. they re working dogs .. as the dog of a blind seeing eye .. you do not distract them from their work. It is confusing and they make mistakes .. guaed in a dog – they are trained not to listen to you … so if you like having all your pets do not want it – appendices them. Similarly, the Seeing Eye Dog, protects life by watching his maître.Ne not distract the dog travail.Il seems that this dog is being abused-but-and I would call the Humane Society – or PETA (give something Peta bother to make one more change to go after people who wear leather shoes or flapper own)

  • Police dogs are not beaten as part of their formation.Source: I met some police officers and police K9 someone who trains dogs for service police.Peut be a self- called “protection dog trainer” would be to use a method like that — but not a good coach.

  • They do not beat on dogs. A beaten dog is a submissive dog, which is not a good police dog. Your boss does not deserve to have a dog if he physically abuse, pupper pauvres.Pour strength training jaw, they play tug-of-war. A simple game of tug-of-war.

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