Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Dolly and the no bark collar. :-/


Dolly’s first reaction to the no bark collar. Unfortunately … have her ready to camp. Poor baby. I do not want a bear with her to eat, though.

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  • This was not recorded for a laugh. I had this collar to use for a weekend on a camping trip where dogs are allowed, but must be held still. This report is only the first time I had to put it on her. I did not use again if I live in a private neighborhood where her barking does not bother anyone.

  • Fuckwad, are cruel to get it on video and broadcast for others to get a laugh from. Train your dog in privacy!

  • These collars are good for real …. Loud dogs but I would not generally use a. The reason is, what if an intruder in your home or a fire …. Your dog would be afraid to bark, from the shocking punishment to follow.

  • There is nothing cruel about these collars. You’re an idiot. What is cruel is thousands of good animals are taken to shelters simply because their owners can not control. This is a means of control. Once the dog is trained, the collar is no longer needed.

  • degree, you try to live with a dog that barks all night and all day, while the neighbors complain. And as puppies puppy school and high school can not help find ways to stop the barking, one of the few options for a bark collar.

  • Wicked cruel! Debarking is much more humane ….

  • So cruel, they should have collars for idiots who mistreat animals.

  • nice lol: D

  • well that worked

  • Man’s legs on her

  • Horrible is keeping your neighbor awake for 4 days. That is ilegal under the Convention of Genève.Daarnaast he could kill his entire family trying to drive without proper sleep. Now thinking.

  • omg that was terrible.

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