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DS – Has anyone heard of “experience” of labs for dogs?

Question ? DS – Has anyone heard of “experience” of labs for dogs There is a shelter that I volunteer at, and they have this beautiful dog for adoption. Apparently he was in a genetics laboratory where they are farms of certain traits. They try to reproduce the crest in Rhodesian Ridgeback and make them smaller (do not make much sense at all for me). His name is Rudy, and while I was with him, I noticed he was so nervous, but once we got outside and played, it has been so plaisir.Voici Petfinder page: http :/ / you want to know, he’s in Hickory Creek, Texas, which is near the Lake of villes.Je find it extremely disturbing that people are trying to change our dogs . Rudy is a shepherd (not sure what kind) mixed with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. It really does make me want to cry. I wish I could take it in, but it is absolutely terrified of men, and I live in a house with the majority being men, one of them is huge, noisy, terrible anger problems, and sometimes can be a little unfair. So, I’ll move on to get it for now. Anyway, someone else has heard of this? I think it’s disgusting. What do you think? Legit – What kind of training tools that you use for your dogs? I notice that many people use “training” collars and harnais.Je Thanks for taking the time to read this and see the page – Life @ Fuzzy Liberal: Interesting. I used a “training” collar, and I did not always agree with them. Others may use them if they want, but I do not want. @ UHave2Be: Please do not talk like that about this shelter. They are very respectable. “It seems to be the result of experiments involving the miniaturization of a Rhodesian Ridgeback, with complete removal edge.” Direct quote from the page. Usually when people try to leave something of a dog, they mix with other races, particularly the experimental laboratories that do not seem to know that yes, you do not need to use dogs healthy purebred. And I do not agree with chokers, but if it works for you, to each his own. @ Liz: I understand your point, but it does not explain his nervousness. It is not simply aggressive, but he is very nervous and vigilant people. This means that anyone who belongs to him (laboratory experience or not) is obviously not to socialize or treated him badly, or both. Liberal @ Fuzzy: Lol, notice I said “no socialze” I have said before him abused. I agree that he had no socialization, but again, it’s not even taking care of him. Laboratory experiment or raising someone else, or accident, whatsoever, should have his needs met, and they were not. It shows signs that he was abused, but as I said, it is not aggressive. And I’m here almost every day to work with lui.Et I intend to ask Ken (the manager of the shelter) if the story was true or not, or if they think this is what happened, or if it was a joke, or whatever. @ Miaugh: Haha, yeah, I think it was a joke. I feel stupid even to bring it up now hehe. I still disagree with the breeding of certain traits, but if the peak is health-hazardous (which apparently it is), so I can comprendre.Désolé guys do not go not realize that it was a joke. Liberal @ Fuzzy: I think we have different views on what is / neglect is not. I do not meet the needs of a dog (good nutrition, training, socialization and overall happiness – which includes abuse, leaving them outside, to ignore them after they get them, etc. -) is negligence. I guess I’m weird like that, haha. I guess I’m just an activist dog (but I hate PETA, do not even compare myself to this group of stupid ignorant things that do not deserve to be called human *). @ No Love: It is a mixture of Rhodesian / Shepherd, but the lab thing was a joke with my boss. A bad joke, but it was just a joke. I did not get it until I read a little more elle.Meilleure response: Response by the Liberal

Not that I know a ton about Rhodesian Ridgeback, but I * thought * there was a lack of health associated with the “bump” and responsible breeders have tried to do away with it. I may be wrong. Some breeds must be tinkered with because of health problems that we have created eux.Je do not use tools lol Well besides a vibrating collar, but my dog ​​is deaf so this is a must in the purpose of communicating with elle.Ne not reject training collars but, used properly, they are a quick and effective former.Encore once, I disagree. Lack of socialization are poorly trained and / or bad breeding creates dogs nervous. Does not mean he was abusing maltraité.Cela does not, however, even consider. Ignorance, I agree with. But is not this w / e.

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  • Animal experimentation has been going on for thousands of years and continue to go on another mile – until a viable alternative is found. This laboratory is a laboratory especially genetics and they are probably trying to map gènes.Je’m training my dog ​​with verbal commands, hand controls, corrections, praise and treats.

  • wow!

  • I’m actually disturbed that this rescue is up which is obviously a histoire.Le dog is not a Ridgeback breed, it is a mixture of berger.S if they were genetic experiments, they would be to do with purebred dogs, because obviously you can remove the ridge creating pooches. Make the race “miniaturized” would be done using the individual genetic smaller and smaller race, which is how Pomerania came to be as it was originally a 35 pound dog. What is a marketing strategy for the rescue disingenous dite.LG: for training I use a choke collar.

  • I think the description of the rescue was an attempt at humor, conceived as something like tongue-in-cheek. Reading the full description, “Although scientists have been developing, they added the rare” Love deeply “gene. It is the type of dog that wants to devote himself to a family, “makes it a little more obvious that they are laughing, and trying to be drôle.ajouter: Here is the description of another pet away again — same one who wrote the ads trying to Petfinder of humor: 2: I like the end of the description Nikolai s “Hey, not Stalin Vodka awaits you comrade Call Ken at Hickory Creek Controllings Department of Animal!?”. lol! add again: ……….. Yes, I think this is a good idea that you ask about the description. I think it is obviously meant as humor – but if it is on the minds of people then it is useless. The dog was never involved in anything whatsoever to do with a science lab! They are just trying to describe what it looks like a mixture of this and that small. Just as obviously, the Russian Blue (mix) cat on the list of others not speak at all, especially in a Russian accent ..

  • Each laboratory animal experimentation must meet certain regulations. For genetic testing, as the answer above, they were probably trying to map genes, and make a real dog breeding, without the ridge behind his back. This is not cruel … they are simply taking the dogs that are dominant in the line peak, and breeding with a dog that is recessive (does not contain this character), then taking the offspring and breeding them in the hope of producing a race completely free of gène.Si they are successful in doing that, then we can learn a lot about our own genes (since we are mammals), and how we hope to exhaust harmful genes (such as gene Huntington’s disease) is never inherited again. So even though it may not seem like it, join it to the importance of verbal and médicale.Commandes hand, training collar: Legit

  • I do not see any ridgeback in him at all! further abuse and undersolcilization a dog can be a genetic “spook” PS this laboratory research genetics google-humm not published anything of services …..

  • here in the UK, there are a lot of crosses and Roddie (Roddie rottie x) is a real peak was diagnosed as a form of mind spinabifida, as you well santé.dans africia, dogs ridgeless were useless to hunt game and dog breeders hte noticed that those with a peak were so much better than those with the outside, please note not all ridgeback have a peak, but with each ridge are highly desirable with chasseursil not just laboratories who are passing Ridgebacks, the UK, we are making them increasingly agressive.pas everyone wants a pet, some people want a guard dog which is enormous, threatening and can resume his own dinner,

  • I like the Rhodesian Ridgeback, one of my top 3 favorite breeds. It dosent look like a Rhodesian, but I guess if he was in a terrible Lab trying to reproduce experimental miniature Ridgebacks without a crest …. this may be due to that horrible breeding. Poor guy, he is very cute! I havent heard of this before, no … I know nothing about animal laboratories.

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