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DS: What’s the dumbest way you’ve heard of people losing their dog?

Question Clumsical ABCA ~ ~ AKC Barbies borders do : DS: What is the dumbest way you’ve heard of people losing their dog This was inspired by a chain events happened hier.J ‘ve been to a fundraising event for our local shelter, the whole issue was a “walk sponsorship” thing, and so there were hundreds of people walking their dogs in the shelter. I stayed in the area of ​​grassland, where all the rescues in the area were put in place to get some press, and the lady on the stage, announced over the loudspeaker that “During the walk, a Black German Shepherd disappeared. He slipped out of his collar. “There were hundreds of people! How NO ONE notice that the dog was no longer on the end of the leaves (especially the owner) until the dog is out of view? Then I was on my way when I saw a little chihuahua running around. I went to pick it up and find its rightful home when he ran right away under the fence of his house. When I went to the front door of the house, he ran to the house a few doors and started barking at who knows what. I asked this guy if he was aware of the hole under the fence, and I swear to God, he replied: “Oh, yes there are many, but there really is not much to do out on him, and just .. as it does not bother anyone, it is not really a problem. “I can not wait until the dog gets run over by a car unti … we’ll see how much of a problem, it is là.Grrr … These are some of the stupidest scenario I’ve seen dogs away from their owners … How about you? I would not describe it as a “sea of ​​people,” he was quite comfortable, and the area was running high so there was plenty of space. I do not understand how to get a second, you have the force pulling you along (or you’re pulling down) on a leash, and all of a sudden here we go … I noticed right away, no matter how many people were autour.Comme for Chi, I do not want him to get running, but it will happen. And most people I saw at least will try to solve the problem, it can just run around and think it is not a problem with elle.Je would not describe it as a “sea of people “, it was quite comfortable, and the area was very large walk so there was plenty of space. I do not understand how to get a second, you have the force pulling you along (or you’re pulling down) on a leash, and all of a sudden here we go … I noticed right away, no matter how many people were autour.Comme for Chi, I do not want him to get running, but it will happen. And most people I saw at least will try to solve the problem, it can just run around and think it is not a problem with elle.Meilleure response: Results

by Dakota Dog
After hitting a dog ran in front of my car (it was fatal), I looked around for an owner possible. I knocked at the door of a house near by and asked if they had the dog in which he responded, “yes, but he can stay in the yard.” (Oh really?) After telling him that I had run over his dog, he shook his head and said .. “The dog must have been sick and wandering off to die …” It should hurt to be as stupide.ajouté: I just read this and shown Launi all I can say is DAMN

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  • I disagree with you on this one. In a sea of ​​hundreds of dogs, people and leashes, I expect that one of the easiest places to lose a dog in the same way pickpockets operate mostly in crowds on station platforms. All that jostling and moving stuff, that would be the ideal place for a dog to separate from its owner – too bad they did not think to put anti-slip collar on him. Far too many people attach the leash to the collar of the dog primary – and that’s what happens. As the owner of Chi, which is quite common, and sounds like a dog IUT totally boring. Not nice to “the hope that it gets run over” – how about hanging out of his property and give it to the animal control officer instead? This is not the fault of the dog, it is not kept safe or quiet – and rescue Chi can he repatriate if the guy does not claim it. See contacts for rescue and provide the ACO. A single point, the dog is safe. The dogs are lost for many stupid things, but this means only one owner stupid. Distracted by a large number of activities are not regarded as stupidity.

  • Mix a Greyhound on lead, the extension owner / sole intention Walker on his cell phone, not Greyhound mix back on the lead, tangles and starts to spin, then gets upset and nips the head in two, as if it were Cotton – ran at high speed. Fortunately, in the areas encolosed

  • I will never understand people who come to open the door and let their dogs run free, and can not understand why Fido never returned.

  • I do not care why or how they got in my field to drive my live stock. I just ask Mr. Remington 06 to give me a hand. sending them to the rainbow bridge

  • hello oh yeah please do not remind me of the dog owners are unaware that one day the manager whose mother was walking my poodle down the street from our house with four dogs and poodles neighbor broke away from the chain and the manager ran to the march of four dogs and the dogs try to attack so that the manager get his pepper spray and spray the dog in his face to stop the dog manage to harm the poodles and you know what the neighbor came to say about these little poodles cause his dog so he broke away from its chain and demanding my mother to give her mother money well just call animal control to solve the problem bye enjoy your day

  • I moved south 5 years ago now, and in the last year moved to a more rural area. The number of people who let their dogs roam without fear me! I do not understand why people do especially on a road where the speed limit is 55 and only about 70 people. Most people around here are pitbulls.Ils however, can be dangerous dogs. They are known to be territorial and aggressive dog., The worst kind of dog to roam freely. Every time they open the doors of my son just dogs wandering the school grounds! I struggled to explain the dead dogs on the side of the road that was hit to my children and there are quite a few across the street from the school. Call animal control of a dog loose here is useless, they never responded, except that there is someone being harmed. If they answered every call, they would be out 24 / 7. We have problems with wild dogs package where, if you decide to go walking, you need a big stick to protect you, also makes it difficult to even take your dog on a leash for a walk. It got so bad here, they have the animal control arms with crossbows for a while. This has now stopped bc some people have complained about the weapon used unnecessarily. What is the point of having a dog if you are just going to let roam free? Once the stray dogs are killed, they just go buy another, it’s disgusting

  • One that people often forget in the winter is that whenever there is substantial snow on the ground, you no longer have a fence of 6 feet. If there are 3 feet of snow in the yard, then you now have a fence three feet can be difficult to franchir.Les people who insist on making small dogs or puppies in their arms frequently escapes when the suffering their dog jumps part.Je’m with you on the ill-equipped collars. I ended up having to tighten the collars of dogs I walk a lot and always check them. I even bought some martingales customers because they just are not comfortable with the dog always wears a collar fits properly (it just seems too tight for them) and at least they can not withdraw from the martingale . I’ve never understood people who think that the dog “knows” to remain in the court or who have no qualms about letting the dog run the neighborhood. If this happens more than once or the owner is not grateful and very scared when I go back to their dogs, I call animal control. @ Greyhound it is not uncommon to see dogs on a leash expandable hit by cars in the more densely populated areas. The owner does not realize that the dog can go in the street, and when the dog is in the road, the owner can not bring him back to safety quickly.

  • Crikey Dakota dog story is horrible. These people really assume that the dog knows to stay in the yard, and do not think that they affect, for example, you, and how you should live with killing the dog on the road, and this on the fact that you could a sheer instinct in the path of another car causing a real RTA.L else that bothers me is “The dog ALWAYS bolt as soon as we open the door “….. He could have done it once – but it should never have a chance to occur more than once …

  • The most ignorant and irritating that people lose their dogs around here is by allowing them to run loose in the open bed of a pickup truck or truck platform. Most of this is done by a cowboy and redneck wannabes. I’m not big on laws, but I really wish there was a law against that. There is no one in the state.

  • Dumbest? Ignorance is my word. We have infection coyote in our neighborhood. Everyone has been informed about it. All the ducks are gone. We have fewer squirrels ……. Yet people on the next street left her little mixture of 10 pounds in the front yard to go poo * and watched a coyote grab and she and the little dog went bye bye.Les people are used to not check collars. Colliers age, they lose their waterproofing * and sliding a collar is quite common. * Oh No! I can not believe what happened! * Duh. When is the last time you took a good look at your dog’s collar? What I like is the people with 4 feet fence …….. and a German Shepherd and a Great Dane. Well, Golly gosh, the Dane flipper can straddle the fence and the GS does not even have to apply much effort. Walk last night and the panic Launi GS and Dane jumped the fence. I had my pit bull, a firearm, intimidating stick, stick breaks, cell phone, 2.5 lb ankle weights on and guess what? Yep.Le Danes fell quickly with my very firm * * Back off and hit my stick on the ground, but the GS kept venir.J stupid ‘have therefore been combing Launi, I gave him a sit * after * Shake well on the leash, ripped one of my 2.5 ankle weights, it wrapped around my hand and trying to keep my dog ​​under the control of GS was about a foot away at the time and ready to découdre.En in less than 60 seconds, I got rid of the Dane, armed myself, got my pit behind me and when the GS rushed for Launi? I hit him as hard as I could right on the nose with my hand weighted. Then he went for that hand. Ankle Weight saved my hand. (It is no longer usable … the weight, not my hand) I threw my other leg, which was another weight on it and my gun attached above. This is when the dog went to the whore Launi. The GS attacked. About this time, I heard screaming and the owner comes running across the street shouting obscenities on my Pit * *. I? * Stop the f ^ ck up! * I am in the midst of a pit about 50 pounds and 85 pounds a GS. The GS got hold of the first on the face Launi. At this point, I can not wait for my dog ​​not to protéger.Le owner is still crying, faces his dog and starts to pull on the skin. (The dog has no collar on). * Do not do that! * The let go Launi GS and whipped around on its owner. The owner was in trouble, and fell as she is dragging her dog with her Launi was still holding. Break stick. I pulled the jaws Launi (which she came out with just a touch of the wand) and took off my belt which held all my goodies, he threw to the owner and told him to put it in the neck of his dog. Launi was left with four puncture wounds. The GS has multiple injuries including one who required emergency care. Things have calmed down, I was shaking, the woman was crying, I called Rick and told him to bring the truck, I said to the woman the dog needed emergency care. It is completely out of it. Rick brought the truck, I gave Launi, asked him to walk her home and clean his wounds and I will explain later, I told the housekeeper’s GS in the back seat, she took with the dog, I led the emergency vet, the dog was seen immédiatement.Alors the dog was in the care of looking back, I explained what happened. She was shocked because her dogs had never jumped the fence. (Really ?!!!) I went out and called Rick. He said the wounds were not Launi mauvais.Deux hours later and a $ 650.00 bill, I drove the woman and her dog at home. While driving, she admitted that it was the fault of the dog I said * No, it is your fault because your fence is not high enough and whether I had a child who walks with me? * We have made arrangements for her to re-pay me what I will probably never be. His dog needed 22 stitches so cou.Je’m not walking any of my dogs past the home of nouveau.Mon truck was a mess. Rick helped me clean it. I took a shower, a Xanax and had a glass of wine. Happened in my chair. I woke up with Launi through jambes.Je know it’s not really what you asked and I have a little carried away, but this happened last night at 19:00. Fresh in my mind. And that was one of the scariest moments of my life.

  • High agility dog ​​in the ring-disc box of tissue while the owner is the management of their dog. “I do not know why he destroyed his body,” as someone catches the dog before he bolts into the ring and joins them. Just stupid too loose Colliers is a nightmare for me too! Just not sure!

  • I see people lose their dog all the time, as I sit with the shelter dogs samedi.Habituellement is because the cervix is ​​three sizes too big, and the dog really does not want to be left the groomer. Many narrowly missed being hit by cars as they run back into the stationnement.Je can certainly imagine how a dog can be lost after slipping out of his collar. My lab mix could easily run 25 mph when he was younger (I clocked it). A dog moving at this pace may disappear in a few secondes.Wow …. Launi … what a waste. Maybe you need a club électrique.J ‘have four foot fence, but I also Hotwire along the top, so that even my large dogs are not tempted to try to get over them .

  • I have seen many reasons why a dog to go out from a hole in the fence, the dog jumped over the fence, he slipped the chain / collar for the dog was in the side yard / forward no fence. That one really bothers me. Ah, my sister and mother were driving and this lady was walking two large dogs, dogs just out of his grip and go jogging on the sidewalk, leaving them trailing behind. Not a dog story, but a history of horses, one time my family was driving on the highway, a guy had a horse trailer. Well guess what happens, the door opens automatically and the horse starts galloping on route.Je’m embarrassed to admit, I did something pretty stupid. I took my aunt’s dog (a mix of laboratory) for a walk. She had her collar, so I attached the leash and took her for a walk. I joined him in the city (I’ve done before with no problems), all of a sudden, she gets scared and slips out of her collar. She will run off. I followed her and stopped to sniff around. I quietly followed her and put her collar and the leash again. However, very scary and I made sure to tighten the collar.

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