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Electric Dog Collar Review – Dogtra E-collar

Ty Brown asked:

Dogtra brand electric dog training collars are one of the best made shock collars you can find on the market.

For the last year of so I have been using the Dogtra brand e-collar with more and more frequency. There are a number of benefits that these training collars have over several other brands:

1- Quality manufacturing. Dogtra builds a great collar. Their receivers and remotes are either water proof or water resistant. They also offer a comprehensive warranty. These e-collars far outlast the electric collars that you will find at the big box retailers.

2- Levels of stimulation. Perhaps the thing I like best about the Dogtra remote trainers are the levels of stimulation. Many e-collars only have a handful of levels that you can train with. The Dogtra collars have from level 1 to 100. You can adjust the level with a dial on some models and digitally on others. This allows for finding the exact right level to train your dog. Too many collars are too limited when it comes to level of stimulation, one level is too high while another is too low. This is not a problem you will have with Dogtra.

3- Price. Among the best made collars available the Dogtra collars are competitively priced. The model number 175 NCP which is great for obedience training and behavior modification usually retails at around $175. That is affordable on most dog owner’s budgets.

Dogtra collars are used for obedience training, police dogs, hunting dogs, behavior modification and more. They make a wide variety of remote trainers and bark collars.

Used properly a shock collar is one of the most humane tools for training a dog. The collar should rarely be used as a means of punishment, but rather a means of communication. Used properly, the collar is set on a low level and much time is spent teaching the dog using both the leash and e-collar together.

Use the e-collar wisely and you can have a much more obedient dog.


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