Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Electric Dog Training Collar


www.dogbehavioronline. com free dog training videos, such as an electric collar dog training. You can find electric collar training easy and humane with these methods. Questions and answers about the electric collars to Ga Can you tell me which method you use for electric training collar: The trainer encourages the dog … about electric collar training is … Dog Training Collars, Dog Shock Collar, Pet Containment System … K9 Electronics offers dog training collars, equipment and supplies including electronic bark collars, dog containment systems, and pet doors. Dr. P’s Dog Training: The Electronic Collar “How can you soooooo cruel to your dog to shock!” Instead call it a remote training collar or even an electronic collar. Yes, I know it’s a euphemism, but … Shopping results for Electric Collar Dog Training Innotek 150 Yard Remote Dog Training Collar Shock Dogtra 1800NC Electronic Dog Training Collars 4 in 1 Electric Dog Training Collar Remote Control NEW PetSafe Dog Training Shock Collars | Electronic Training Collars Discount dog training shock collars (ranges from 100 meters to 3 miles) and electronic dog training collars from PetSafe and SportDOG at PetSafe Warehouse. Dog Training Collars & Dog Shock Collars – Improve Behaviour Quick! Top Rated Dog Training Collars, click or call 1-800-507-5908 for more than 50 name brand collars. We have the best offers Free Shipping! Dog Training Collars SALE. Tri-Tronics for Retrievers, Hunting … DT Systems Dog Training Collars Video Rating: 2/5

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  • Esther Schalke, who runs the animal behavior clinic at the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover in Germany. Schalke is the co-author of a 2005 study on stress symptoms caused by the use of electronic collars. The researchers measured heart rate and the level of cortisol, a stress hormone in the saliva of 14 beagles trained with electronic collars. The report concluded: “The general use of electric shock collars are not compatible with the welfare of animals …

  • @ J

  • shower only show us the whole thing

  • Some people need to do some research on how to properly use an e-collar before they say something about. because you really sounds pretty stupid to try to talk about something you know about shit. An e-collar can be misused, just like a flat collar can.

  • I use marker training for the learning phase of training my dogs, but I also like the e-collar to use for the correction phase. When used correctly it is not suppose to hurt at all. I have the e-collar on me and used the same level I use on my dogs and I hardly felt. I also put it on my little niece and she said just felt a little tickle. Shocking the crap out of a dog is cruel, but that’s not how you imagine the e-collar use.

  • shock is cruel would be a better way to beat the shit out of the mutt!

  • Criminal behavior stops. If you exercise then this is equivalent to education. It’s about learning new skills and behaviors required in a given circumstance. You can punish a behavior to stop, but you still have the dog what it is supposed to teach. My point was clear, you can not learn anything with punishment alone. If you value your trust and welfare of dogs you would do well to punishers and their negative side effects to avoid.

  • penalty is NOT a training tool? Where did you learn to teach theory? back to psych 101 LOL. Punishment is preasent all learn from the argument is the degree.

  • ok you people are getting on here and bag on the collar why do you look for in the first place?

  • Place your video on your training your dog than to comment.

  • wow. I wish I can get a collar on your neck and shock the fuck outta you and see how you feel. stop trying to punish dogs for training

  • Do not be fooled by the nice presentation. Shock collars are torture. They are not required. If you train your dog to learn how dogs learn. Punishment is not a training tool and your dog will not only learn by punishment. You must use positive reinforcement, so why not learn how to do it well. Would you use this tool to your children?

  • If you have a dog TRAINING WITH ELECTRIC ON A DOG You should not

  • whoa! come on ..

  • like a little zap your ass.

  • Just like a little zap.

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