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Electronic Dog Training Collar – is it the Right Way to Train Your Dog?

The electronic dog training collar is a modern day invention that is aimed at modifying your dog’s behavior. It is commonly referred to as a ‘mild coercion’ technique used predominantly to renounce a dog from doing what it is not supposed to do. The key word here is mild, and this is certainly subjective in nature. Before going into the troubles which this method causes and the wide-ranging opinions people carry on about its legitimacy, it would be handy to know what this technique is all about.

The electronic dog collar transmits a signal onto the skin of the dog through a sensor or a probe. The intensity of the signal can be varied up or down by using a remote control, which transmits it wirelessly to a receiver which is connected to the collar. The remote used with most all collars will have a range of 100-300 feet. The signal causes pain and discomfort to the dog, which leads him to associate this reaction with the behavior exhibited upon instruction.

It is looked upon by many as an act of cruelty being performed, while others perceive it as a medium which complements verbal training. However, it is essential to know how to use the collar effectively, failing which the dog might get intimidated by it and would do his level best to avoid pain. He might run as far and as fast as he can until the pain subsides, or he would try to remain attached to his owner as long as possible, thwarting his own independence. This would actually be tantamount to taking a U- turn from our main objective, which is to promote good behavior within the dog.

Before starting with this technique, take your dog into confidence. Be patient and allow him to take his own time. What you desire is that the collar acts a stimulus to solicit the required action immediately after the verbal command has been repeated. Ensure that during the training phase your dog doesn’t yap or become in pain. Of course, you will also want to determine the threshold level of your dog without going overboard.

This training tool, if used correctly and in moderation, can make your dog a role model for others Used incorrectly it can easily result in more harm than good. This is why I can not personally recommend this method of dog training. Few owners take the time to really understand how to use it properly. There are other, much better methods available than using an electronic dog training collar.

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