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Electronic Dog Training Collars – the Case Against

Lets say right away that we are totally against this form of dog training equipment. The risks of using an

electronic dog training collar far outweighs the benefits and With proper training and patience owners can

usually achieve much better results without using an electronic dog training collar.

An electronic dog training collar is a piece of dog training equipment that sends small electric shocks to

the dog through it’s collar.

It is fastened around the dog’s neck, quite tightly to work properly, in place of the original collar and

the trainer of the dog uses a transmitter to send small electric shocks to the dog via electrodes implanted on the electronic dog training collar.

Types of Electronic Dog Training Collars

There are three main types of electronic dog training collars.

1 These the manual collar that needs a person to press a button to activate the electrodes.

2 The collar that is activated when the dog barks.

3 The collar that activates itself when it comes close to the perimeter where the dog is not allowed to cross.

There are many risks involved in using these electronic training collars, both mental and physical.

There have been times when the collar randomly discharges electronic shocks on the poor dog even without it doing anything wrong. This will undo any good that the collars have done and will confuse the dog completely.

Another risk of using an electronic dog training collar is that the trainer may not be able to

properly control the transmitter and send out a shock that is too long or too intense that can harm the dog.

Some dogs that can tolerate smaller electric shocks may need bigger and longer electric shocks which are actually very inhumane.

The dogs may also learn that the collars are the cause of its discomfort and become unruly when the collar is off or may even refuse to wear it. Regression may also occur when the dog has figured out that the shocks come from the collar and behave only when the collar is on it.

Another risk of using an electronic dog training collar is lesions which stem from using the tight fitting collars. The lesions are not from the electric shocks but from the tightness of the collar which is necessary for the electrodes to come in contact with the dog’s skin.

Love and respect, patience and perseverance are the main dog training devices that a good handler knows are the most effective. Without these the other tools are useless. If you train your dog through fear and aggression you will finish up with an anxious, aggressive, unhappy, uncontrolable animal.

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