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English Bulldog Puppy Training

English Bulldog Jackie waits for his dinner bell before eating.Good Training.Good boy. We have English Bulldog puppies for sale. Contact us English and French Bulldog Rescue in Thailand

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  • Wow he is so smart and Elwood was

  • and now it’s Daddy??

  • he is like: Now stop that stupid bell ringin, I’m hungry as sh **! 🙂

  • large, 11 years and no major problems :). Sorry for my grammar, lol Their color, and how really should have said the first time: p

  • My dogs are doing well so far! 🙂

  • There color does not matter, so you’re right. Im just curious tho clients I have one as well, how is your dog back? Mine is only 2 so she’s fine, but I need to see if their back up account

  • According to the KC Standard “All Black” bulldogs are highly undesirable in any way. whites ok though!

  • Our vet said that the only difference with white ones is that they might be slightly more prone to skin conditions. – Not deffinatly, but only that it is something to consider. Also, I think she might be a little more sensitive to the sun? Our boy is red and white, and as far as I can tell, his white pieces are as healthy as the red pieces! LOL

  • I would like to say that we have a completely white woman, she goes on 7 and overall health, but she was born deaf. It is not a full white ABSOLUTELY will have health problems, but both all black and all white english bulldogs are known for a number of genetic disorders to help.

  • An All white english bulldog will have health problems with age? that’s BS who told you that? dont spread that kind of information on the Internet. I have two English Bulldogs completely white is 4 years Ol another 11 years they still sound as if they were puppies, perhaps not as active, but not sick!

  • Amazing! How much should my children to train?

  • He is beautiful and smart to train him when he is young .. I own 2 english bulldogs and am in the process of growing my girl .. I was told an all white Bullie usually health problems when they get older .. close eye on your little guy thermo chemistry changes when they advance in age .. very cute ..

  • he looks at you like “Why the hell are you ringing the bell?”

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