Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Fastest Dog Training Method

This is part 2 of our first lesson with a South African Boerboel dog, the owner and his family who have been a part of the training. This is a very large dog, and a very close family that got everyone involved and did a wonderful dog. Thesit Means Sit dog training system is unmatched in speed of learning and reliability in the dog, and how quickly the method can be transferred over. A large part of the reason why Sit Means Sit Dog Training is the largest and most successful American dog training company in the history of the United States. Many people are now having exciting careers becoming a Sit Means Sit franchise owner! Training done with Sit Means Sit Collar: For a franchise to see Video Rating: 4/5

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  • It should be “sitting means nonsense” program. Taking a shock collar means only one thing – the trainer is one of the poor. The off-commentary is cool to talk about the fast learning of the dog. As you can see, if you’ll ever see, the dog is intimidated. If this is such a good method just use the “Sit Means Sit collar on your children while they r learning the alphabet – you will not use? Oh ok let me guess why. Poor trainer – very bad! Searching for a better

  • If our children are shocked into submission indignation. But dogs are all fine and moral. Ignorant

  • It still amazes me how many people do not know about Xobodog Training (google it), despite the fact that many people their dog behavioral problems as a result of this training. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Xobodog Training, I have a better relationship with my beloved pet.

  • Loool. Girl pulled her mother’s shirt down, so you can not see her ass crack xD 0:43

  • And as a wise friend of mine said … To shock collar can be used as an effective dog training device that you have a thorough understanding of dog behavior, a thorough knowledge of learning theory and impeccable timing.And if you need three things. .. You do not need a shock collar. 🙂

  • The shocking thing (excuse the pun) is that this particular breed rather be trained in a positive reinforcement methods and training of a BOERBOEL negative effect, because in the first place, breaking the dogs rather quickly, making it the intention and can lead to aggression. And believe me I am from South Africa, the homeland of this absolute machines if the aggression is people get hurt bad. And people find this debt.

  • Note body language of the dog – how after the shock is over-exuberance to the ears back and tail tucked or even pinned. Note tongue flick (fear) as the owner back to the dog. While I’m not opposed to a number of applications for the ecollar, the emotional state of the dog is not what I want in training. Actually this dog look at me like it was shocked into submission.

  • interesting how you’re still a shock collar on your dog.

  • You obviously have no idea how to effectively use a remote collar or even understand the true philosophy of the e-collar. You should research a number of credible trainers who know how to function these excellent control device. If used properly, it is no different than a lead or other collar / control device used in our industry. Fred, Bart Bellon, Michael Ellis are all good trainers to learn these techniques.

  • Tried this with my dog, he got aggressive. I tried more humane training and he is a great little man now without the shock collar. My opinion is that shocking a dog into submission is not a great way to have a relationship with that dog to adopt. No offense to anyone who believes in this kind of training, but it did not work for me and my dog ​​at all.

  • facebook com / remingtonsteelbumpyjohnsonchalkywhitekennels is where you can find African Boerboels for sale in New York City. $ 2700. Contact Young 646.685.1326

  • hi!’m just saying that this is a very useful vid, and thank you for sharing these ons.Ik hope you like my vids / songs. apart from my pets vids I have my songs hebben.hoop you like it!

  • It has been shown several times that different dogs react differently to stressors. For example, Belgian Mali Noise has been demonstrated that cortisol response to the candy will then be deducted to the e-collar (# 2) or protrusion collar (# 3). I have found that most dogs that e-collar training is necessary, do so for a reason. Their temperament dictates that training style. There is no such thing as a best training method that works for all dogs in all circumstances all the time.

  • that’s cool! E-collars work, period.

  • yes …. I can!

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  • We bought the program, and it’s great. Worth every penny. Thanks for giving us a well-behaved dog.

  • can you do better?

  • Redneck Surfing @ @ k9shrink probably why the video is called “fastest” and not “the best” training method.

  • @ K9shrink and @ redneck surf both training methods are effective, so you are both wrong, it’s just a question of which method is better for the individual dog, although usually clicker training is the better option, but because it requires much more effort and usually more time is replaced by shock collar training because the faster results. They both have their pros and cons though and neither method is simply “better” than the other. It is not black and white with dog training.

  • amazing

  • not once did I say that they are 100% but I think the result is a more reliable product? yes! and no I think they have a very high lvl of intelligence, but they are still just that dogs. and I’m not even going to start with the intelligence of a dog with that of a whale … poor arguement

  • Hmmmm, do not know about the Super Soaker. But I competed in the UK Working Trials, who always seem to hold in wet snow storms in areas of thistles. Dogs have long (10-20 min) group remains in the freezing rain and hail, sitting or downing on thistles, while all the people, but the right drive (cars leave in the light of the dogs) and go to a local Pub. Never had my shorthaired clicker trained dog break …

  • Yes if you think your shock-trained dogs (or dog) are “100% reliable,” I have a bridge to sell … VAT, you seem a very low opinion of the intelligence of the working breeds as you think you shock “inducive.” When zoo trainers working with dangerous / aggressive / big / strong animals like tigers, elephants and orcas, they use clickers, NOT e-collars. E-collars do nothing but shut down behavior and a total cop-out only by weak people.

  • you should talk about SCH1 and have a very limited scope of protection sports. In SCH3 they will guard dog on an article (who used the item unknown handler for the test) of the handler goes out of sight of the dog than one to five decoys will come on the dog to do what ever they can to dog to break. I would love your clicker trained dog awaits you see a bike while she sprayed with a super soaker not break …

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