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MY dog had pups. i kept one and he’s 7 weeks. usually i just take them outside every 45 minutes and they get the idea before they’re 3 months, depending on how smart they are. well i’m in school all day and so i cant do this. my mom is home, but she’s to busy doing stuff and taking care of other pets to take him out that often. and no she’s not lazy, its just that we have 3 horses, a pig, a sheep, 8 other dogs, 3 cats, 2 iguanas, and a crapload of chickens that are pitbull pup is starting to chase so we have to watch her close. if yal have a good effective way of potty training a puppy that’s this young, please let me know because i just want to try and speed up the process. and no “crate training”, our other dog’s try and break in the cage when we lock one up.
and he newspaper thing wont work. he’s gonna be around 60 pounds full grown, think about it, that’ll be a big mess.

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Well the fastest way to train a dog is to be there all the time reinforcing their good behavior with appraisal. I would suggest putting the dog in a secure area outside where you would generally have they puppy defecate. This way they at least get the idea that they are supposed to go outside. And on the days you are there you can take the pup out to the area they defecated before and hopefully they will smell their defecation and know thats what they are supposed to do.

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  • The way I house trained my puppy, and my sister’s puppy is to watch them very closely. (When you are home) Like keep them occupied with a toy or light wrestling, and when they lose interest see what they do, if it’s sleeping, eating or sniffing. Sniffing usually means “I gotta pee”… And when you take them out say ” Gotta go pee pee?” or “potty?” Just something you don’t say all the time.

    When you are not home block off a place with a hard surface, and put down a “puppy pad”. If your mom is willing, set out a schedule for her to take out your puppy. But the best advice I can give you is to get a sturdy fence, connect that around a door you don’t really use (make the space pretty big), and install a dog door. I really hope I helped 🙂

    P.s. Treats, and petting work amazingly, too!

  • Train him to go on newspaper. It’s really easy, just lay out some newspaper, and do pretty much what you’d do if he was able to go outside.

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