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First Steps in Border Collie Dog TRAINING – Learn a stock dog herding sheep to finish

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  • My father usually begins training in sixteen months, but it really depends on whether the dog is mentally ready for the workout. When you take her with sheep, they break down and want to work or they do not even see their way? Some never even take interest in the stock. Others work is all they want to do. The dog will let you know when and if they are ready to begin working.

  • How old will I train my border colie? it is a girl named DUSTY

  • Border Collies are really good shepherd

  • 1st step: Get a Australian Shepherd

  • Blue Heelers are very intelligent .. it can

  • I have his techniques in sheep herding classes, and they have worked wonders for me, really improved my job as a handler. In my opinion, Andy Nickless and an excellent teacher.

  • I really really really nice that he shows the errors too! great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • he is worshchishistashostashishtashire!

  • The dog is only as good as the trainer … As with all dogs. However, BC’s tend to have an extreme ability to concentrate, they still need time and patience to become fluent with commands. Have fun!

  • 0:22 so cute Border Collie as Star

  • Hi, I think the videos would work for you, just remember that for most border collies are really intelliegent. So I think the videos would work for you, but it might just take a little longer for your dog to learn then a border collie. that is to compare the average with the average Border Collie Blue Heeler. if yours is smarter / more training than the average blue heeler then a little faster than they learn. good luck.

  • LOL @ 1:15 the sheep just run well in the railing.

  • I WANT A BLUE Heeler train, for herding. Do you think that your videos can help?

  • Sometimes the BC can be so focused on what it’s instincts tell it to do and what it has to anticipate what you will say they will vote you out. But, as they get older, they become more obedient. Patience.

  • Where can I call? Lol!

  • So no border collie listens to every word or it’s like 3:50 to 4:00? Sometimes they do not always listen to their command or was it that one is not as educated as your best dog? I have a border collie myself, but she’s still a puppy. I’m sure they have the most intelligent dog, but they listen to every command that you teach them? Or sometimes they distract?

  • just go to bed, and he will let the remote control to mute the sound and look

  • I am buying this vid when I redeem my ceck lol. Do you sell call too?

  • They do not all take to it so well! Here is a clip of my first Meg keer.zien? v = GXRcCEa1NVU

  • My dog โ€‹โ€‹does not want the video to see what should I do?

  • This instructional DVD looks bloody good.

  • I do not have a sheepdog, but generally in dog training is the easiest to rely on the group instincts of the dog: You use a way of talking and moving which is based on the mood of the dog and then slowly transforms into what you want the dog right then, so the dog can just copy one of you who his / her friend, pack member. Try it out, the results are amazingly good!

  • Awesome! Brings tears to my eyes. My Border Collie has a job like that!

  • I would like my two girls to learn to work bred herd, but I have no access to the sheep and there is nowhere even remotely near to me or lessons.

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