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FRIENDS six months old Shih Tzu will not stop biting?

Question by Esmee ♥ ? FRIENDS six months old Shih Tzu will not stop biting I was going to form “Button”, when she had it, but it would not follow what I did with the dog, and played with him and put it in her purse lol.J love my friend to death, so I let her play with her puppy and now its sh ** ing around and she is afraid of its carpet soo: @ Be that ‘it is my main concern is its bite, advice on how to fix this. What I thought was just playing with her and when she bites, say no (strong and firm) place it on the floor and turn away from it – for about 5 min without contact with the eye / hand . After 5 minutes still to play and when she bites repetition. My friend did not think it will work, but I explained that the puppy will learn that when it bites, play time is over, and the buttons get vite.Vous Wondering if anyone has any advice or conseils.Merci.Amour my daughter, but her puppy and I’m going to do with it what she wants. Or at least until she asked me to help answer lolMeilleure : Answer by

Oh, shih t!

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  • Why do you think they call it a Shitzu?

  • 5 minutes is too long. The puppy will probably be distracted and have no memory of what she has been punished for. I would say more than one minute and not say “no”, I would yelp or say “ouch!” a high-pitched voice, as its littermates would have if she played too rough. This will make much more sense to its much faster.

  • I have a 3 month old shih tzu, shes still teething if she bites Alto, but once it becomes aggressive or biting my hands I asked him, or if it gets really bad I put it in his cage . Housetraining I personally think this is the hardest to do. My puppy still has its small axidents, but it is very rare, training should be an ongoing thing, just keep taking the puppy outside after meals, etcbonne luck!

  • If you go to training dogs, you must first understand where they come from and how they think. They are not small humans and so think, act and react very differently from us, where it seems that you suspect may déjà.Les dogs are pack animals and humans in their lives must act as the leader, acting dominate where nécessaire.Une of the easiest things to do in training a young dog is to do what the leader of a pack dog do with a lesser and this is standing above the neck or head. This indicates very clearly that the puppy that you are the leader. To do this, when it bites, then turn your head away from him for a few minutes and refuse to interact with it (as you suggest). Other things you can do when the puppy will not take no for an answer is put your mouth near the neck on the top of the dog’s neck and grab the skin with your hand and give it a gentle shake. Enough for it to feel, but not too rough. This is what a pack leader is going to do when a dog is less being insubordinate. How you can tell if the puppy is sorry and wants to be friends again is to keep the head / neck of the puppy and then lean closer to him so he can lick under your chin. A dog will lick under the chin of a pack leader (which is what being human is supposed to be) to show he is sorry and that you accept its dirigeants.Les dogs think very differently than we do right? For more information and to help you understand their behavior, take a pound or two of training based specifically on understanding a dog from a pack mentality. There are several around and they can be a tremendous help in formation.Mes two dogs are highly trained and yet are of love and hugs and well ajusté.Tout the meilleur.Maggie B

  • Well, this is not the only problem you have, but do not worry. Training a puppy is not so difficult. Go to this web page and click on the link to the mini-course / trainingtips.htmIl is good things.

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