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German Shepherd puppy training: Justice Lev Praee

” Justice Lev Praee “at the age of 7,5 weeks – puppy training with Amnon Ben Izhak in Israel

Several videos of puppies Spratly K9’s training, and tips on how to be a good prospect for protection and odor detection training to select. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • for

  • a good trainer and the puppy is soo cute is wants to cuddle it!

  • very nice hes a big dog now huh

  • This is so cute dog luv i could get a quick

  • well done .. beautiful puppy, beautiful ride. Well balanced.

  • very nice dog

  • wow GR8 video indeed .. I’m surprised at that early age they r so focused on their work! good job!

  • more, more, Naman dyan …….. Mabuhay ang mahihilig sa aso ………

  • more.more … isa pa nga …..

  • This looks like a great video of the parts that I can understand. Someone needs to put in some English subtitles so I can understand the interviews.

  • Galing NYO

  • Mr. HARRY Victorino of Marikina, if you happen to see this message, please email me my friend. I do not know your email address. Long time no hear, pre. Thank you. (Noel)

  • If the dog is timid or frightened and you should not trained.

  • Great video.

  • Great info and thanks for the translation. You drank a lot of water to make fun obstacles that … The bottles are a good idea for distraction.

  • thanks for posting, nice vid, very informative.

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