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German Shepherd training?

omsej Question ? German Shepherd Training I just bought a German Shepherd puppy jourselle ago is still young for training “only 8 weeks” but I wanted to know at what age should I start training it? now the only things im His teaching is the substance puppy regular “potty and crate training” but I want to know what age is best for training obeidience? Best answer: Answer

by austin m
go to a grocery store or a Petco or something and ask them sorta, they will know

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  • Start his training today. 8 weeks is the perfect age, and quick learners. The sooner the better.

  • there is not a certain age you need to begin their training. what you are doing is right. all dogs must be trained when their young. keep up the good work!

  • Now is actually very good. I had a GSD puppy that my parents bought for 5 weeks (I know far too young …) and we started training her time and she did great around 8 or 9 weeks. I’m sure she’ll be fine if you start now. My name was Asia GSD =)

  • It’s never too early to start training.

  • It’s not too early to start training as soon maintenant.Les German Shepherds are very intelligent and need mental stimulation and plenty of exercise physique.Si you treat her right she will be your best friend for vie.Bonne luck to you both.

  • A puppy can “Start” training one week, but can not be trained for the competition until atleast 2 years because you want the puppy to have fun while being a small and fun to work with for you as an adult.

  • [Twidge11]: Where on earth do you get your misinformation? Until a puppy brain “lights” for 21 days, it is almost impossible to train, even to eat / drink in a dish. No way can you train a puppy from 7 days to sit down. Come, Fetch, etcÉloignez you have any questions that you know nothing. [Amsej]: Puppies should change at home at 7-8 weeks of age, certainly no later than 11 weeks ancienne.Et they should be helped immediately to know where they are allowed to go to toilet, and you love them and protéger.J hope therefore that you use the “timing and observation and then make the puppy” method of toilet training, not “swear & ; rub his nose in it “so-called method, or the box” so long as he is finally forced to break his habits naturally clean and mess in his crate “so-called méthode.Jusqu to 2 weeks after vaccination, which must be given at 8 weeks, all the experiences of training and socialization should be at home. Whenever the puppy naturally wants something to please you you use an immediate pleasure, Voice happy to say the word that will eventually become a control word, then reward the puppy (whatever you appropriate and puppy, such as chest rubs or croup or earrings, sets of bases ball-chase or tug-o-war, tiny slivers of hard cheese or baked liver or bacon crisp in the oven or hot dog). Set up as many sounds and smells and surfaces for the puppy to experience that you can organize at home – start anything scary in a long distance from the puppy, and not to do more close until you are sure she has decided that the previous was not dangerous for elle.Les basis points to form for: Sit down, down (or “On your mat”), Go , Fetch or Apportez.Extensions: “Where is (word)?” To encourage him to find his ball or a dinner dish or a family member, your key ring, either. “Shake hand with a millionaire “vs.” I shook hands with a poor “.” Hup “or” Go “when she jumps on something smaller than itself même.Et nothing else it NATURALLY, although most often guided by you using some food stench in the hand you use to report technical avec.La at present is to observe, praise, rewards at every opportunity. You do not force him to do something, you just reinforced everything she finds easy to do, more to find out which of your posture and gesture she meets and how it responds. From 10 weeks, you can take your puppy in areas where dogs do NOT pee / poop / vomit, and (again from a safe distance) get used to people passing by, the motors being noisy, its reflection in glass doors, the smell of barbershops and cafes. Do not worry heel at this point – all she needs to know the initiative is that it can go wherever she likes as it is in the general direction you are facing, and that the slip the chain will close only when she pulls against elle.En 16 weeks the puppy should be certain that you are the center of everything beautiful in the universe. You must be reserved for a training class that starts as soon as possible from 2 weeks later, she gets the boosters should be given to 16 weeks. This instructor will enhance your use of “voice”, balance, posture, timing, rewards and reprimands, and the puppy will learn to pay attention regardless of what other dogs and people make. This is when and where you start asking him to do things that you and the instructor is certain that she understands. But be careful – to put mental pressure on a puppy too early (before he really knows what it means to a control) leads to confusion and withdrawal, as you expect to understand algebra and geometry at the age 5 years you would have put them off (unless they were introduced by something interesting as Origami). For advice, ask your questions in some of the 300 + YahooGroups will benefit various aspects of living with GSDs . Homepage of each group tells you what they like to talk, and how active they are. These groups also allow enough space to provide detailed advice and instructions, including graphics, while very YahooAnswers restrictive.Les P, owner of GSD_Friendly: / GSD_Friendly “In GSDs” as of 1967

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