Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

girl testing bark collar

This is me testing a dog bark collar, the intensity of the shock with every bark, I only made it to the third stage … the video quality is bad because it was recorded with an old cell phone …

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  • lol I’m one of those …

  • nque mucha gente dice esto es para Los Perros cruel pero hay alguna gente que si esto no recure a abandono not already! ¿Que es peor? No lo se …

  • I wish I had this on my neighbors dog

  • would like to my friend: D lol

  • does it only work if you “bark” or if yopu only speak loud?

  • I love you sweetheart

  • your ugly as shit

  • lol No, I would never put it on a dog … This is very common haha ​​it hurts

  • This is very funny, but why would anyone use a dog? It is cruel! Lol, but now I know how to convince people that it is cruel, at least

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA I can not believe you did that! LOL

  • HAHA! Amber get PWND by a shock collar! Put that on Steven!

  • lol i love it!

  • crazy ass! BFAB4L love ya!

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