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Great Dane pee out of excitement?

StartingOver Question ? Great Dane pee out of excitement We have a puppy 5 months old Great Dane we received about a month ago, for some reason, he just peed a little excitement. For example tonight, he has been eating his dinner and he ran out to where he eats and I talked a little baby talk and he just peed a little on my right shoe. He also made it a few times when we were upset with him, we told him he did not pee & slightly. It has done this time all we had and I chalked up always being nervous in her new home, but now, and even a few weeks ago now, it should be on fear its entire new maison.Nous are very affectionate with him, he gets a lot of family time with us, he gets a lot of training “mind stimulating” the free exercise like a giant breed should get, and all, I’m just at a loss. We do not yell at him either, I mean there are times when it could do something like eating a pencil and we’ll run through the house saying NO! but this is to make him fall if we know it will diarrea or vomiting for him and our maison.Des suggestions? Best answer: Answer by

dogz_fanatic my dog ​​peed
outta excitement but im not worried bout it cause shes potty trained so maybe it just leaks sometimes like wen you laugh really hard and you really need to use the room bath. we can keep buying our puppies or babies might not be able also cause thier too young

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  • In the perfume wiled dogs is one of their ways of communication, the smell of urine is a sign of submission. when you tell him no, he’s that you say, “yes mam, I understand.” if you try to tell him he is wrong for him to pee out there into thinking it does not show his loyalty clearly enough, and he pee more, much more souvent.Le best you can do to stop it is to never speak to him again baby (at least not when it is excited) IE after eating, going outside, or you go home, etcEn addition, it is a good thing he does this, or rather, it is a good sign, that means it will be easy to form, and a very loyal companion. He does not know yet, you know, it submits to you, that is to say, when he pees at this stage, it means he does not know that it has its point clear enough maid, try to take him outside, and do some basic routines (I look with my dogs) and when he does something right, praise him, teach him that you understand that respects and submits to you.

  • It looks like it might be a bit of both submissive and excited urination. This site explains at a time and a lot of information on how to change the behavior. 20urination.htm%

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